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Kaya-Canada's Premier Bob Marley Tribute Band will be playing Pepper Jack's in Hamilton this Saturday

Cover $8, Showtime 10:30

Kaya: means enlightenment also the title of a Bob Marly album

This stellar 8-10 piece band brings the enduring legacy of B.Marley's music to delighted audiences everywhere.

Kaya provides a note for note chronological history of the Bob Marley songbook, from 'Catch a Fire' his first for Island records to his posthumous release 'Confrontation'.

Marley's superior catalogue of songs.. range from songs of hope, songs of defiance and songs of freedom.

Lead singer Andrew "Zion" Carty (a Trenchtown ,Jamaican native) captures the Bob Marley spirit and not only sounds eerily similar to Marley but spent his youth being mentored by Marley himself.

The Kaya package includes 2 smooth and lively female vocalists, a horn section,guitarists, keys, bass, drums and percussion.

Kaya painstakingly recreates the magic of a "live" Bob Marley concert.

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The band behind all the vocals has been in constant rotation. A part of why the band won't be continuing. They floor a packed Casbah during an open mic showcase a year ago. Played a less than packed show at Casbah back in August (but who goes to shows in August anyways right?).

They will be missed. But it was great while they lasted.

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this will be their last show together.

Are you screwing around Ken? Where are these guys even from? I've never heard of them.

Yeah, I'm screwing around.

Sorry, it was fun while it lasted.

Tonight will be good though, the phone lines have been ringing like crazy.(Honestly)

August is a bitch for sure.

BTW, the first day of sping is upon us in 2 and a half hours. WOO HOO!!

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