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Anyone have the setlist for the Fatties?


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And where it was? The show was 9/21/01. That's what it was marked on the CD anyways. I think Tigger said it was from the Lanc?!?!? I'm not good with the name of Fatties songs so I can't tell you their songs that were on it but I do know that somewhere in there was a Bertha, Friend of the Devil and the last song was It's All Over Now Baby Blue.


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Fat Cats

The Lancaster Tavern



jambands.ca festival.

Oktava MC012's* -> Marantz PMD650 (safety copy) ->AES/EBU out -> Dr. D format convertor -> SP/DIF in Delta 1010(16bit/44.1kHz)stereo patch -> Delta 1010 (24 bit/96kHz)*-10dB pad, cardioid capsules--hung XY from ceiling, 15' from stage

Solider's Home


Takes alot to laugh,takes a train to cry

Waiting for spring

Fatman in the bathtub


Dark Hollow


Friend of the devil

Stand Back

Waiting In vain

Me & Rennie

Its all over now baby blue

Bronyaur stomp


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