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new come together fest site and may lineup

mark tonin

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Now I'm really stoked ... If you go to the Come Together Festival Web Site, you will notice that it has a brand new look. And check out the lineup for the May long weekend that has been posted! I believe that this is the most exciting and diverse lineup that we've ever seen at a Come Together Festival!

Thanks to Mark Wilson for once again setting the stage for a fabulous May long weekend.

Thanks to LMP for the new site ... it looks fabulous!

Thanks to briguy for helping to book some kickass bands.

Wow, I am so very much looking forward to another awesome May long weekend, when I 'll get to enjoy great live music with some of my best friends under the sun, moon and stars ... ok, and maybe a few clouds ...

Peace, Mark

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"Who's going to be organ-a-zized enough to go in on a 10 pack of tix this year? We can put that extra Fiddy toward oh-so-many things! "

now thats the kinda thinking i like to hear about.

the website looks great and the line up is for sure taking a step in the right direction. some new blood and some very different styles.

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i think diesel dog should have a better time slot than contact

I was thinking the same thing!!!!Whatever,it will give the guy's a chance to get plastered and check out some other bands.

I definitely think that diesel dog have enough ctmf under there belt,that they deserve a better time slot!!! ::


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DD works in a lot of different time slots.

Contact works best under the drunken'drugged'dysfunctional part of the evening.

Im very excited for this weekend. i'm just tossing between music and fishing.

i'm still on the edge...JFJO is a band i've always wanted to see, and they are playing twice so....

i'd still like to see the Sisters added, and maybe that little known feller, Doug Feaver.

Either way, looks killer.

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I like the addition of an artist like Jamie Oakes. Good to see CTMF starting to reach beyond artists generally associated with the "jam" scene. Also, great to see some new bands in the mix (Brothers Past, JFJO). Onwards and upwards! Nice work, people!

I will try to make it to this, I always have a good time at CTMF!

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Both the site and the festival lineup are looking great. Nicely done. I'm pretty sure you can count us in for this one. I will be nice to chill out with some mice again.

Sisters Euclid and BNB would be excellent additions and round out the festival nicely. Both are Canadian too, both are damn close and damn good.... get on it!! (Please ;) )

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aaawwww man, all this exciting stuff happens when i'm going away, boo-urns! ;)

okay, but seriously, that looks like an awesome line-up and *very* nice work on the site miranda, your work is great!

have fun everyone and will somebody get really plastered and yell very loud for me? i figure i can count on you guys.

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