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yeah, I have a few friends as well who're heading out without tickets to try to get in... too bad they're booked into too small a venue

if I was trying I'd be there right when they open to ask for first dibs on any tickets that're being held that don't get picked up (or to ask to use the bathroom, bring an "out of service" sign with you as well as a mickey then hide in a stall until the show starts ;))

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I wish I could check out this show,but I'm saving my energy for tomorrow night at Casbah since my weekend looks sorta shot.I've enjoyed Apocalyptica since the mid ninties when I heard them do the Metallica tunes,from there I ventured into their original music.

Have you called the venue Willy? Somtimes they'll hav extras at the door,worth a shot to call anyway.

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Well, I went down there, managed to grab a ticket, and the show was fücking awesome. Fretman and I hooked up in Toronto and caught the show. When I arrived around 7:00pm, the scalpers were looking for $75. It was a $20 ticket so I promptly told them where to go and headed into the nearest bar for a couple pints (pre-pre-game for St. Paddy's). When Fretman arrived (8 - 8:30) he landed us $35 tickets which seemed acceptable. We missed the opening band, on account of getting some pints into us, but we walked in moments before Apocalyptica took the stage. Perfect timing. What a show! The energy was incredible. The sound was very good, and the place was packed to the gills! Wow!

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Found this in the Toronto Star:

Finn cellos bombard rock house



It was a capacity sea of two-finger salutes, screams, yelps, claps and swooning lads and lasses last night at the Opera House.

Your typical rock scenario? You bet.

Your typical rock band? Not on your life.

Beneath the streaming red, blue and while lights of the smoke-effect-beclouded stage sat three Finnish cellists and their backup drummer. The quartet is known as Apocalyptica, and a less likely and more mesmerizing combination you have never witnessed.

Who would have thought that the cello, that most expressive of classical instruments, can create heavy metal of the most head-banging, granite-smashing, banshee-screeching sort.

These were sights and sounds to behold, as Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso and Paavo Lötjönen worked their cellos like no classical listener has ever beheld before.

The stringed instruments, fitted with pickups and pre-amps, were transformed into throbbing basses, keening trebles and haunting melodies.

The hands that worked the reinforced strings and heavily rosined bows had technique and stamina that would put many a classical musician to shame.

Apocalyptica was making its first stop in Canada, touring its recently released self-titled sixth album.

"This is our first visit, and it won't be the last," announced Kivilaakso. And the sold-out house could not have been happier.

These boys know how to put on a show, complete with rhythmic tossing of long hair and high drama from the arms of cellists and drummer. They also layered their late-night set beautifully, alternating the hard-driving metal with aching ballads that proved for all time that a real human voice is superfluous when you have a cello at your fingertips.

The opening act was local metal band Surface Rising. They are fine head-bangers in their own right, but their relatively wooden stage presence was overshadowed by the main event.

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