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Sonic Youth CD: Sonic Nurse


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I bought a few CD's today in pre-celebration of my upcoming birthday on March 26, one being my first ever Sonic Youth album, Sonic Nurse ( an album I first heard at the snobby bookstore Pages near MuchMusic ).

Anyway, I'd never listened to Sonic Youth before that fateful day at Pages a month ago. Let me tell you, this is a great album. I'm giving it a first ever once-over right now and I'm damned impressed - enough to post this disjointed review. I realize some " old-school " Youth fans don't give this album much credit, but I'm loving what I'm hearing right now - I bought the album because of what I heard at Pages afterall. Epic songs anchored by grinding, distorted guitars that do the over-used jam term " epic " justice. I'm buying this album for Booche on his birthday.

Other albums/DVD I got today:

Origins Vol 1 - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives ( review is coming, seeing them live on March 26th in Toronto... I can't fu©king wait! )

Memphis: The Sun Sessions - James Blood Ulmer

Passing Afternoon EP - Iron & Wine

I Am A Bird - Antony and the Johnsons

Under The Blackpool Lights - The White Stripes

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