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Have you seen any good movies lately?


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"I was told by a couple of people that 1 hour was kinda slow and predictable"

Go with MarcO's "fascinating character study"

Alot of people told me the same thing, but they were searching too much for that ole 'movie formula'

Not the greatest movie I have ever seen, but I enjoyed it as well.

Its all about Robin in that one [Eek!]

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I watched two classic and hugely influential martial arts films last week:

The Iron Monkey (1992) - Donnie Yen

Once Upon A Time In China (1991) - Jet Li

Both films are great, if you like action/martial arts pics. See them on DVD widescreen only. Action pics ( and all movies ) really suck when they are in a pan-and-scan format.

Note: both films are two of over 300 Chinese films featuring a real-life folk hero Wong Fei-hong. This man lived in the latter part of the 19th Century and died in the 1930s. Jet Li played this man in the 5 Once Upon A time In China movies. Donnie Yen plays his father in The Iron Monkey. Enjoy.

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Originally posted by NewRider:

I watched "Standing In The Shadow of Motown" a few weeks ago and it's an amazing film with a great soundtrack.

Is it out on DVD yet?

For the record I saw One Hour Photo a long time ago. I thought it was a really good movie, a bit dark, but interesting. I probably wouldn't watch it again, but it was definetly worth watching once.

I recently saw a movie called "Interstate 60". Definetly one of the coolest movies I've seen in a long time. Sort of a comedy/adventure I guess. Lots of great cameos. I highly reccomend it!


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I just watched "Adaptation" with Nicholas Cage and Meryl Streep - it was excellent. Brought to you by the same people who gave us "Being John Malkovich" (another highly-recommended movie).

Oh, and I'll second (third?) the opinion on "One-Hour Photo". I thought it was quite good...


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I typed this up so long ago- I don't know why I never posted it...

so just in case you want the thread of jambands clut movies in a quite to reference list- here you go...

Jambands.ca top movies you have to watch- CULT favs list synopsis of Cult movie thread

1. The Evil Dead Trilogy (1983-1992)- # of votes- 7

2. BRAZIL!!, Terry Gilliam movie- # of votes 6

3. Time Bandits, Terry Gilliam movie- # of votes 4

4. Donnie Darko (2001)- I saw this last week and bought the DVD Wednesday. Tremendous movie. It'll fuck you up, just recovered from watching Donnie Darko-what a fuggin incredible flick!!! That same sorta magical feeling as Magnolia/American Beauty..But...Christ I don’t know my mouth just hung open for the last 20 minutes of it, and probably 20 minutes after too...spectacular!! I have so many film buffs for friends it's hard to surprise them with a kick ass flick...whew!, Yes Tungsten, I watched Donnie Darko last week and I still can't stop thinking about it. Buy the wide screen DVD if you have the chance. HMV has it on for $10.99!!! It's loaded with extra scenes and it even has the video for

Gary Jules' remake of the Tears For Fears " Mad World " song heard at the end of the film. A fuckin' haunting and beautiful version. I'm going to re-watch the film soon. , Reba, you should watch this film. You should buy it in fact.- # of votes- 4

5. The Big Lebowski= Don’t fuck with the Jesus, The Dude Fore Sure!!!!!OVER THE LINE!!!!!!, This isn't Nam Smokey, it's bowling, there are rules. - # of votes 4

6. Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Terry Gilliam's movie- # of votes 3

7. Highway61 (the story of Pokey Jones), Bruce McDonald's - also mentioned was Route 66 (I can't remember if this is what it was called but a damn fine funny Canadian film!), maybe confused with highway 61 not sure! = # Of votes 3,

8. Hardcore logo, Bruce McDonald's - # of votes 3

9. The Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore, Bottle Rocket, all Wes Anderson -# of votes 3

10. The Blues Brothers- # of votes 3

11. Nightmare Before Christmas- # of votes 3

12. The Toxic Avenger (just the first one)- # of votes- 3

13. Omega Man (1971)- a great cult movie. It's campy and creepy at the same time... and parodied in a Simpson’s' Halloween episode called The Homega Man. Charlton Hesston’s fashion sense in this movie is timely and thus funny. - # Of votes 3

14. Phantasm (1979)- A weird little horror movie that generated many stranger sequels.- # of votes 3

15. Strange Brew- Filmed partially in the hammer. Right near the hospital- # of votes 2

16. Star Wars- - debated for inclusion- # of votes 3

17. Naked lunch- I thought I saw Burrows outside of MSG at the Phish new years run a few years back..., somewhere between 95-98, he's a weird fucker!-# of votes 3

18. Wild at Heart - I’m due to re-see this one- # of votes 3

19. Almost all Jim Jarmusch, ghost dog: way of the samurai, - Dead Man- w Johnny Depp-# of votes- 3

20. Buckaroo Banzai- high 80's movie...but only the best parts! # Of votes 2

21. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover- a very dark and odd film, not for the squeamish but very stylish and very funny in it's own way. - # Of votes- 2

22. The Cube- # of votes 2

23. Dark City- # of votes 2

24. Flirting with Disaster - relatively unheard of (like most of his films) Robert Altman flick starring Ben Stiller as a dude crisscrossing the country searching for his natural parents... lots of laughs (make sure you stay tuned until the end - grateful dead have a brief soundtrack appearance)- # of votes 2

25. Boondock Saints- # of votes 2

26. Pootie Tang...Watatai in the Sepatow, n, biddy tine tinny, tone ponie, all that good shit- # of votes 2

27. Akira- anime- # of votes 2

28. Rocky Horror Picture Show...fetishly twisted, Tim Curry Rules! - # Of votes 2

29. Any Russ Meyer Film- especially UP and the tame Ebert-written Beyond the Valley of the Dolls...now UP, Supervixen and the rest of the Bosomania series are right off the wall-I suggest BtVotD first for sure...wacko!- # of votes 2

30. Drugstore cowboys- # of votes 2

31. Goin' Down the Road (1970). Also parodied in a SCTV skit with John Candy and Joe Flaherty. Famous repeated line: Let's go to Yonge Street. Woooo .- # of votes 2

32. Run Lola Run- inclusion was debated- run Lola run is also fantastic, but its like a hand-me-down European movie...there are so many as good if not better floatin' around there... blah.... # of votes 2

33. Office Space- good and funny (and true), # of votes 2

34. Waking Life- # of votes 2

35. Blade Runner -The Director's Cut- # of votes 2

36. Mostly anything by Kevin smith (funny, funny, funny) - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...He LOOOOVES the C@*K- # of votes 2

37. Heavy Metal- animation- # of votes 2

38. Canadian Bacon - Great John Candy movie poking fun at Canadian stereotypes. Also filmed partially in Hamilton. First scene at Dofasco, And a pan shot of Hamilton harbour- # of votes 2

39. Anything by Michael Moore- Roger and Me, bowling for columbine- # of votes 2

40. Baraka- # of votes 2

41. Dog Soldiers- this film is about British soldiers on a training mission in Scotland that unfortunately stumble across some evil activity . A huge hit in Britain last year, this movie went straight to DVD in North America this year. It's a lot of fun, with good acting, writing and directing, considering the budget. Any movie that's inspired by The Evil Dead can't be bad. And one character is named Private Bruce Campbell!! = # Of votes 2

42. A Boy and His Dog to the list. Don’t be afraid of the fact Don Johnson is the lead, its actually one hell of a B-movie. A Boy and His Dog is a wicked flick, I love the Harlan Ellison short it's based on too-I also ransacked the movie for a bunch of wicked voice samples for a drum and bass song....e.v.i.l!!!- # Of votes 2

43. Texas Chainsaw Massacre- # of votes 2

44. Spinal Tap - Something new every time, the dvd has plenty more to add on top of the original flick.- #of votes 2

45. Mitchell-hehehe Mitchell was a brutal one- # of votes 2

46. MST3K classics - it was wicked- # of votes 2

47. A Clockwork Orange, Videe well little brother.,.....out for a little bit of the ultra violence, How could we forget good ol' Lemmie in..., Eat The Rich. - # of votes 2

48. Spaceballs- His schwartz is bigger then mine!"- # of votes 2

49. Fandango-...great road flick- # of votes 2

50. Fritz The Cat - Merl [saunders] told me that he had done the soundtrack for this movie- # of votes 2

51. Harold and Maude (my all-time fav - Ruth Gordon is inspirational, and you gotta dig that Cat Stevens soundtrack)- # of votes 2

52. Woody Allen's- Sleeper- but inclusion debated at same time- # of votes 2

53. Woody Allen's but inclusion debated at same time -everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask- # of votes 2

54. Blue Velvet- # of votes 2

55. Re-Animator (1985)- H.P. Lovecraft short-story that is as fun as it is gory., any HP Lovecraft (like the Dunwich Horror... the Evil Dead series is loosely based on the lovecraftian ethos)- # of votes 2

56. Dog day afternoon-I’m starting my own cult for this one- # of votes 2

57. Disney’s the black hole (that maximillan robot was worse than the t1000), re-released on dvd, with the deleted scenes of Ernest Borgnine naked- # of votes 2

58. Children of the Corn, The first one was great and pretty creepy, but then they made about seven sequels that got worse and worse as they went along! I had to rent them all just out of loyalty, creepy Malachi- # of votes 2

59. Ghost World (2001)- Fantastic movie that didn't fare too well at the box-office. It would make a great double-bill with Donnie Darko: both films are what I consider to be great anti-high school movies.

60. Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)- Stars The Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell. This film should get released in 2003 so check your local listings. It's about a 70-year-old Elvis battling a soul-sucking mummy in an old folks home. It's fucking great! I saw it at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. All early reviews have been great too. Directed by same director of Phantasm series.

61. The Ice Storm (1997) -This Ang Lee movie should have been recognized by Oscar that year. I thought it was the best film of 1997. Not a cult budget or cast, but it didn't get any recognition at the box-office, although critics loved it.- inclusion was questioned

62. Bonnaroo DVD vol1- music cult

63. A Head's Tale- music cult

64. Hall Hartley and

65. Wim Wenders Films- Until the end of the World

66. Atom Eygons films- The Sweethereafter, etc

67. Princess Mononoke- anime- Inclusion was debated

68. Clerks

69. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Un-Cut.- animation

70. Iron Giant (1999).- anime

71. Bittersweet Motel- music cult

72. Yor, Hunter From The Future (dinosaurs, barbarians, AND robots and laser guns!)

73. The Legend Of The Rollerblade Seven (truly the most bizzare B-movie I've ever seen)

74. Requiem for a Dream. Crazy

75. Graveyard of the fireflies- anime

76. Barabarella-Jane Fonda is totally objectified by her husband director throughout the movie and she just entrancing.

I must admit her youthful movie career was such radical opposites when she started doing all those arts films in France with that guy can't think of his name, godat, Goddard

77. The Thin Blue Line

78. Ring Starr cave man movie

79. 2001

80. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

81. Darkman

82. Reservoir Dogs

83. The Beach.

84. Enter The Dragon

85. Superfly

86. Dark City

87. Any Cronenberg movie

88. Any Roger Corman movie (the epitome of cult movie directors).

89. The Shawshank Redemption

90. Living In Oblivion (1995) - Starring Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, Dermot Mulroney & James LeGros. This is one funny satire of behind-the-scenes film-making.- Note: If you watch this movie, keep in mind that James LeGros's character, Chad Palomino, is really Brad Pitt. The director of Living In Oblivion based this movie on his experiences when he directed Pitt's movie: Johnny Suede - which is a cult movie too. When you know this, you will enjoy the movie on a completely different level. Pitt's a real loon!

91. Soylent Green

92. Gummo

93. Pi

94. The Crow

95. Duel - bad truck driver you never see... great low budget action / suspense

96. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70s version) - just because I like seeing hobo Jerry Garcia playing his banjo

97. Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels

98. Crash

99. Still Crazy

100. Four Rooms

101. Easy Rider

102. Electra Glide in Blue-something that was a similar time and was a motorcycle cop out in the desert in the 60's....

103. The President's Analyst

an awesome 60's film examining the conspiracy mentality of the time

104. La Femme Nikita- French

105. Betty Blue-French

106. Delicatessen- French

107. The City of Lost Children- French

108. Party-Peter Sellers....Birdie Num nums

109. Ghostbusters - always makes me laugh- (inclusion was debated)

110. Dazed and Confused That's what I like about them high school girls. I get older, they stay the same age Wooderson

111. Fist of the Northstar- amine

112. Ninja Scroll- amine

113. Caddyshack (not really cult but)

114. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 the Movie

115. Dead Alive is zombiefreakingtastic! It's got tons of gore done re-animator style, also has the best line from a preacher: I kick ass for the Lord!

116. Santo-the Mexican wrestler/Lawyer...has to be seen to be believed...uh, Danger Diabolik, it's like if the producers of 60's Batman made a James Bond movie!!

117. <<<>>>>>>>>>>>>

118. Last man on Earth with Vincent Price as the lead or read the book it’s based on I am Legend by Richard Matheson.

119. The Abominable Dr. Phibes isn’t a bad B-movie

120. Specter

121. Starship Troopers

122. Xena movie.- Future cult fav

123. Basket Case

124. George A. Romero directed movies, especially the original Night Of The Living Dead (1968).

125. 9th Configuration

126. Texas Chain Saw Massacre Part 2

127. Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii- music cult

128. Killing Zoë

129. Dolemite, The Human Tornadoe

130. Being John Malkovich

131. Videodrome

132. Raising Arizona (funny, funny)

133. Apocalypse now!

134. Light years

135. Backside to the future (now that's good porn)

136. Weekend at Bernie’s (dead guys hitting buoys...can you get any funnier?)

137. Dead zone

138. Serpico

139. Marathon man

infinity) bridge too far!!

140. Eating Raoul - Shit-hole diner is threatened with closure by health inspector. Owners kill health inspector, put him in stew. Diner suddenly becomes popular, as stew tastes so good.

141. Hitchcock's Rope

142. Animal house

143. This is spinal tap

144. Maximum Overdrive, great flick

145. The Adventures of Mark Twain that I saw in 1994. It is Claymation, and the characters are Twain, Tom Sawyer, Huck, etc. And they are going to meet Halley's Comet with a space ship that looks like a wooden sea ship. (Twain was born with Halley's Comet present, and died when it returned, I think). There was one memorable scene where some evil invisible man is in a mirror. An amazing, way out there movie, that is very obscure. I only know 2 other people that have seen it. If anyone knows how to get a copy, please say so

146. Below , David Twohy’s. Straight to video this week: Twohy is the writer behind Pitch Black and the screenwriter of The Fugitive. Below is about a WWII submarine that may or may be not haunted, it stars Canadian Bruce Greenwood too. It got good reviews so I'm renting it this week.

147. Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out Of Balance (1983)

148. Powwaqatsi: Life in Transformation (1988)

149. Naqoyqatsi: Life As War (2002).

150. Gambling, Gods & LSD: Travels Between Heaven & Earth (2002)

151. Logan's Run is worth checking out. Interesting futuristic ideas, and everyone is killed at age 30!

152. Battlestar Galactica

153. The Last Starfighter

154. Battle Beyond The Stars

155. . The Planet Of The Apes (1968) is my favorite movie of all time, but I'm not sure if it's a cult movie - but it did spawn a cult-like following in a way - certainly some of it's cheapo sequels are cult-like. But the original POTAs was expensive to make, and quite commercially successful and marketed and it had an A cast and director.

156. Gargoyles also has a pretty good cult following. I’ve only seen it on TV but its probably on video. Scared the crap out of me as a child but its pretty funny to watch as an adult (well I'm almost an adult).

157. River’s edge

158. My own private Idaho

159. The god's must be crazy

160. Stop making sense (in college in the 80's we would drive an hour and half to Chicago dozens of times to see this movie)- music cult

161. Ladyhawke (in Paris, you could always find this fabulous little movie that I consider one of my favorites, in smoky little theaters, playing to Goth crowds)

162. Amazon Women on the Moon

163. The Rutles

164. <<<<<>>>>>

165. Manos : Hands Of Fate

166. Eegah!

167. Complete works of Coleman Francis, but entirely for the riffs

168. FUBAR will definitely fit this category. It's a Canadian movie that takes Strange Brew to another level. I was rolling with laughter during a few scenes of this documentary/comedy. Definitely a must see! It should be in the new release section of a video store near you! Look carefully though because there will probably only be one or two copies! If you don't laugh your ass off at this movie backbacon will pay your rental fees.

169. So I married an axe murderer

170. Westworld

171. True Romance

172. M*A*S*H

173. Slap Shot

174. Pink Floyd - The Wall- music cult

175. Thx 1138

176. Silent running (Bruce Dern rox

177. Ferris Bueller

178. Fell to earth (starring some pale dude)

179. Martian chronicles (I don’t know if this was a movie per se... I just remember the made for TV short series about it and it freaked me out

180. Jesus Christ superstar

181. Anything Monty python (particularly the one about the holy grail)

182. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory...oompah loompah, baby

183. Snoopy

184. Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead.

185. Artichoke

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