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Im going home Donny

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I can't believe the people that bombed air India in 1985 killing 331 innocent people have gotten off ::

I've quietly and patiently waited all these years for some justice over this...along with hundreds of others.

My sister and I were great buddies with Ruchi and Ricki Jane who died on that flight. We matched their ages at 13 and 17. They were our first close buddies when we moved back here from Conneticut. They were SO MUCH FUN.

I hope karma has some tricks up her sleaves for the narcissistic assholes responsible for that day. :(

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Beats, I don't think you want to go down that road.

There were issues about inter-departmental fighting between CSIS and the RCMP (which contributed to serious spoliation of evidence impeding the Crown from doing its job years later), there were witnesses that openly lied on the stand, and many other issues. As well, there was a whole team of some of the most accomplished Crown in BC on for the prosecution (as well as on the defence) and everything, to me, points to a case that was very difficult to win.

(The Court even hired its own team of lawyers to assist it, rather than to act for either side; one of whom is a friend of mine.)

In fact, there have been private comments made by American lawyers who envy us. They think we are fortunate to have a system with a judiciary that is not elected, allowing a judge to make a finding on the basis of the evidence, as was done in this case, as opposed to ruling based on political pressure. In the US there is always much more of a concern that the court will rule on the basis of public pressure, and we should count ourselves lucky to have a judiciary with enough integrity to make a finding based on the cold, hard evidence.

I simply don't agree with you.

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