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FREE ADMISSION :: Advanced-House Rock in da Hammer


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@ Casbah in Hamilton...

Tuesday March 22


9PM Doors

10:45PM Stage-time

Free Admission

Music: visit http://www.contacttheband.ca

Bio: Fusing the energy of rock, dub, break-beat, and house music into improvised live and recorded performances, CONTACT is a band on the cusp of an emerging genre of music, assailling bored dance floors with irresistible beats and unforgettable hooks.

CONTACT was formed in 2001 as a side project for its five members. Motivated out of a shared interest in dance and jam-oriented music, a sound developed quickly for the group. In August of 2002, the group began playing performances in lounges and warehouse parties throughout Toronto. During this period, great strides were made in the development of the band's aggressive interpretation of house music.

In the summer of 2003, CONTACT recorded its first EP. A collection of three songs, the 30 min disc was recorded completely live, with no overdubs, or excessive post-production. Intended to capture the band's improvisational ethic, the self-titled album is an excellent example of CONTACT's raw, emotive style.

Since their beginning CONTACT has cultivated a broad following of fans and supporters. With connections to both the underground dance scene and the exploding jam band phenomenon, CONTACT can rely on a mixed and vibrant crowd, giving partygoers a chance to directly witness and participate in the creation of the evening's music.

In order to satisfy the band's growing fan base and repertoire, CONTACT completed its second recording, 'Dollar Empire' in the fall of 2003. The new disc maintains the 'live off the floor' recording style of the first release, while delving further into the creative potential of the studio. The inclusion of new instrumentation and rhythms add greater dimension and clarity to the CONTACT sound. 'Dollar Empire' adds a hue of polish to the distorted mayhem of their first EP.

With the successful launch of 'Dollar Empire' to a packed house at Toronto's Rivoli on New Years Eve, expect to see CONTACT spread the Ad Hoc medium to the rest of the world.


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