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March 31st. - The Moment - Improv Night @ the elMo

Jay Funk Dawg

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you must first pass a spelling and gramatical test, then we put you onstage with musicians that you've never met and then see what magic ensues...

I'll have to assume that you actually intended that spelling of "grammatical" - or is it a Jay's Capricious English test that we should look forward to? ;) What after all is a jam without some element of mystery? Hmm, good angle... ("Sorry guys, hate to interrupt, but I see here you've misused the word "micturition" in a sentence - get the fu©k off the stage!").

Sorry, that's the scotch talking :P (getting a cold, seems like the best way to deal with it). Btw, very enjoyable set you played at the Gypsy last night - you guys smoke, and I had no idea Nathan so grooved behind a kit. More! Can we at least expect you lot at the Moment?

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You know, as author of the poster I feel it a shame to sit out on the constructive criticism of my grammar.

Installment...thought about it...too many t's. fu©k it. Or maybe not. Dictionary.com has both spellings. better check Merriam-Webster

Some commas extra and a few missing....it is a poster... shoulod have left out all punctuation.

Musiciains - typo....not good

Couple of fragments, and a few missing periods,

By My count

2 spelling errors - I'll count installment because of the possible existence of two spellings of the word without representation for both.

infinite gromatacall errors. oh sh!t...did it again.

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