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TROOPS OUT NOW! Global Protest - this Saturday!

Large Marge

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'Troops Out Now!': World-wide Protests Mark the Beginning of 'Operation End the War'

On March 19 2005, the second anniversary of the illegal war against Iraq, the multi-million-strong global peace movement is entering the next phase. 'Operation End the War' is beginning. On March 19th and 20th there will be protests in over 40 cities in Canada, and over 600 cities around the world. In solidarity and synergy with the global peace movement, the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is putting the Canadian government on notice: Get out of Afghanistan, and stay out of Iraq, Iran and Syria.

WHAT: TROOPS OUT NOW - Rally and March

WHERE: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto (at Queen St. and Bay St.)

WHEN: 1pm, Saturday March 19, 2005

WHO: Toronto Coalition to Stop the War (TCSW)

WHY: To end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and prevent attacks of Iran and Syria


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anyone looking for a lift to the protest should check their local colleges, university or labour unions for cheap round trip bus rides to and from



On the second anniversary of the illegal Anglo-American invasion of Iraq,

peace and justice groups will bring millions of people around the world

together to oppose the occupation. Last November, the Canadian Peace

Alliance called for "cross-Canada Days of Action against the Invasion and

Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan on March 19-21, 2005, to mark the second

anniversary of the US-led invasion

of Iraq and the International Day for the Elimination of Racism". The

November 16 Coalition, the McMaster Socialist Movement and USWA Local 1005

will run buses to Toronto for the demo.

Brunch with the Steelworkers at Cecil St. 11.00 am

Demonstration & March from Toronto City Hall 1.00pm

Get on the bus! Reserve your seat - Only $5

McMaster (Sterling St. entrance). Departs 10:00 am

Please register by calling

Ann 905-383-2156 Info@november16coalition.ca

Jamila 905-527-1114 mcmastersocialistmovement@gmail.com

Centre Mall (at Kenilworth). Departs 9.00 am

Please register with USWA Local 1005 905-547-1417

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Thanks to all who came out (and to those who sent thoughts and energy as well), Deb - a day late and a dollar short again - I’m really sorry to have missed you :(; Gypsy tonight then?

I must say, the whole idea of another rally felt a bit dis-heartening at first; same organizers, same participants, same horse/bike/foot/cruiser/paddywagon/riot/unmarked cops waiting at the U.S. consulate. Really it’s the same fu©king protest we’ve been rallying to for the third fu©king year in a row! It’s sometimes hard not to feel ineffectual in the face of such heinous ignorance.


I took tons of photos and should have them later in the week, if anyone’s interested. I would say there was about 2/3 the number of attendees as last year, plenty of drummers (thanks Jo!) and, as it turned out, a very good vibe (there were even peace-chant lyrics sheets handed out!). That feeling of in-effect I had been harboring had melted away before we rounded onto University… I actually sang and danced right past the Consulate with my peace-sign-fingers waving high.

By the end of the march, I felt somewhat empowered again, even just in knowing that there are so many others (and so incredibly diverse!) who feel as angry and frustrated as I. It turned out to be a fabulous networking opportunity - I met so many wonderful/interesting activists! Hopefully I won’t ever have cause to meet them again.


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