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On the Search for............Live Sublime


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If anyone has any live sublime stuff, which i must say i'm having a super hard time finding much off, or knows wherei can get some, please let me know!!I managed to find one show from longbeach california in the early 90's, but thats about it!!

Any help i can get would be much appreciated!!



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I have a CDR copy of 1994-11-14 Everett, WA. Got it in a big trade if I remember. The show is a liberated bootleg, for some reason when I got it in the trade it was only available in audio and burned TAO, but I took it anyway. It turns out to be a pretty sweet show. The whole damn thing is dripping in reverb, probably a combination of intended reverb through the house system, and a cavernous, echoey room. Here's the setlist:



Everett, Washington

don't push >

right back >

new thrash

work that we do

40 oz.

house of suffering


m.t.m >

we're only gonna die

let's go get stoned

pool shark



scarlet begonias >

what I got >

mystery dub >

world inflation >


saw red

greatest hit



date rape


bradley improv


slow ride

Gr8ful do you do a lot of trading? I'd happily trade the show to you if you've got a list hanging around. Lemme know.

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