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Trey Anastasio new project


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Well...after a bizzare hour yesterday of frantically trying to get a ticket....here is the official press release.


To Debut New Project At


On FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2005

Trey Anastasio will unveil his new project Friday, April 1st at the Higher Ground in So. Burlington. Doors will open at 8:00 pm, showtime will be 9:00 pm. This will mark the first appearance of Trey's new band, featuring Peter Chwazik (bass), Les Hall (keyboards), Ray Paczkowski (keyboards) and Skeeto Valdez (drums).

This is 21 and over show. Tickets are already SOLD OUT.

This concert, as well as the upcoming spring tour, will feature two sets of the group with supporting acts to be announced soon. Be sure to check Trey.com for breaking news and additional information.

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Vermont Land Trust. The Vermont Land Trust exists to conserve Vermont’s working landscape, natural areas, and community treasures. Since 1977 the Vermont Land Trust has conserved over 435,000 acres of land including almost 500 working farms.

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We can only hope... I was honestly beyond bored with Trey's sound... It was cool for awhile, but seemed more and more redundant with each successive tour. It's about time he switched things up, and losing the horns is definitely a step in the right direction... I miss the delay loop from '99/'00 Phish, hopefully he brings it back...

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I'm not knocking horns, just how Trey's band had far too many of them in far too many songs... I like some horns now and again, but it was overkill with that band...

I think the point of the last Trey band was to be a BIG funk band. Horns are a crucial part of big band sound. Just because Trey is offering some versatility doesnt mean hes comepletly changed his focus. I'm interested in whatever hes up to, usually.

horns will always be cool. :)

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Thing is, when Trey does trance it's not redundant... Horn driven funk is ok, in doses... If Trey turned EVERY new song into a delay loop song I'd be complaining about that as well... I'm saying mix it up a bit. I was really interested in what he was doing with the horns, for a couple of tours. Then it became redundant. One of the great things about Phish was how they kept you guessing. I know TAB isn't Phish (not even close) but it was fairly repetitive... They didn't really grow as a band, they just learned how to play the same material a little better together... I'm just excited to see some change. Hell, bring on some guest horns for a song or two. But do something new and fresh... Another tour of the TAB horns featuring Trey Anastasio on guitar doesn't really appeal to me... (And in my opinion, the best thing to happen to Trey post '99 was Phish Fall 2000 tour, followed by Oysterhead...)

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