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HERE COMES THE SUN George Harrison Tribute Friday

Jay Funk Dawg

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HERE COMES THE SUN: A Tribute to George Harrison


Friday, March 25

El Mocambo Upstairs

The show begins at 10pm

Tickets are $10.


A Tribute to George Harrison

On Friday, March 25, George Harrison would have been 62 years old. On this night at the El Mocambo, a tribute concert "Here Comes the Sun" will celebrate his life and music.

With a strong message of love and compassion, George had always strived to bring awareness to the plight of the third world. His ground breaking "Concert for Bangladesh" was the first concert of its kind to gather an All-Star band to raise money for the less fortunate, inspiring Live-aid, Farm-aid and others. It is with this spirit in mind that a portion of the proceeds brought in on the 25th

will be donated to Canadian Red Cross.

8 local musicians have come together through their passion and love for his spiritually inspired message. Rick and Gailie Young, Ryan and Sam Weber, Jan Schoute, Jimmy Steele, Frank Girard and keyboardist Shai "Cookie" Peer have collectively put together over 50 of Harrison's songs, spanning his career from his Beatles compositions to his solo work, and even to the East Indian music that he helped introduce the western world.

Friday, March 25, El Mocambo Upstairs. The show begins at 10pm, tickets are $10. For tickets call Gailie Young at 705-740-2154.

"Now I'm asking all of you, help us save some lives." -George Harrison

For interviews or further information

Please contact:

sam@weberbrothers.com or shaipeer@sympatico.ca


Jay Cleary

360 Degrees Artists and Touring

ph: (416) 255-7773

fx: (416) 251-8743


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