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ms hux

Im going home Donny

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hey just hoping I left my Slow coaster cd from the accoustic set they did at Dekcuf?

Also by any chance is there a violette cardegan at your place ?

Thanks again too for your hospitality....I'll be bringing those robes sooon for hot tub sweetness...haha and triple thanks for not letting me stay in the hot tub...I didn't have much sense left at that point :: you guys are super good with chocolate on top :: ::

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That is a very good disc.

I had that disc on last night while I was marinating my meat.

sure whatever dirty kidz ::

Thanks now I've only lost one thing from that evening...not bad considering.

Mike...I have an uber cool lighter that I think must be yours....not that I'm smoking again or anything :P

errr...marinating my breasts....errr never mind

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