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Why you like about the city you found to live in?


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Strangely large church

Of which I am kind of afraid, because I can see it directly from my pre-marital sex bed. Despite this it's definitely a point of interest and fun to look at while under the influence.

Large number of musicians in a small area.

You can go in a bar on some nights and spot over 7 bass players

2 seasons

Students...and Summer (both cool and welcome breaks from one another)

Able to walk to everything you'd need.


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Toronto - well actually it's a bit taxing after 10+ years, but the music heads here are an utter joy; I'm able to bike most places I need to go; cheap and deliriously good Indian food; the variety of neighbourhoods and peoples; the TTC; a school that's willing to hire me; the waterfront; High Park; no longer having Mel Lastman as mayor; umm, that's all I can think of for now.

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-Within 3 minutes of best snowboarding hills around

-Sweet forests all around me

-Very old and tiny church hidden in the middle of a concession that few people know about (freaky cemetary)

-Very close to hwy 400 so I can quickly get the fu©k out of this podunk town to see some good music!

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