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Favorite TV shows of your Youth..


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A co-worker and I were just reminiscing, about favorite sitcoms, cartoons and shows we grew up on... This was my first favorite show.. Battle of the Planets/ aka- G FORCE


Apparently the original cartoon was only made for a couple years. I used to think it was the best sh!t on earth, and I even dressed up as Mark - the white one, 3 halloweens in a row.

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I'm a big fan of James Garner, and grew up on both "Maverick" (the B&W series, later starring Jack Kelly and then Roger Moore) and "The Rockford Files". "The Muppet Show" was also a family favourite (it's probably the best family, as opposed to children's, show, ever), along with "M*A*S*H" and "60 Minutes".



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My father died when I was 4. My mom, beinga single mom had to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. She worked at Harveys during the day and after she fed me, she would head out to make some pocket change as a hooker in a tavern in Hull.

It was during those moments alone our 1 bedroom apartment that I would cuddle up with glass of orange crush and bag of chips and escape into the world of NTSC.

My favorite show was the news on CBC. It was educational and it gave me my daily fix of information. I remember crying when the Berlin Wall fell and when that Chinaman was crushed by that tank. I also however remember smiling when Canada won the women's olympic gold medal in Salt Lake City. I've also learned so many wonderful and great things from watching the news on CBC that I will always cherish those moments of connecting with humanity.

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reading rainbow (and they say tv doesn't effect kids, blah) and the muppet show. we didn't really watch much tv though lots of movies. i think i've seen batman and the princess bride about eight thousand times each. same with the rockumentaries rattle and hum and pink floyd the wall (i have an older brother that used to have good taste in music before he got married) my sister, my best friend and i went through a phase of watching horror movies too, we've seen all the jason and freddy movies (well the ones made before 1995)

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I watched a lot of TV growing up:

My favourite cartoons and children's shows from the 70's -


Sesame Street

Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies

Little Rascals

The Three Stooges

Hong Kong Fooey

Land Of The Lost

The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine

Shazaam & Isis

Superman & Friends

Planet Of The Apes ( animated )

Star Trek ( animated )

Fav TV shows from the 70's -

WKRP In Cincinnati - still my favourite show of all time


All In The Family

The Jeffersons

Good Times

Hockey Night In Canada

Saturday Night Live

The Carol Burnett Show

Maple Leaf Wrestling

Global TV Wresting

The Wonderful World Of Disney

The Brady Bunch

The Partrige Family - which I still think is funny

The Monkeys ( re-runs of course )

Gilligans Island ( re-runs )

Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em - BBC comedy with Michael Crawford

early to mid 80's -


Hill Street Blues - I think it's still the best cop show




Not The Nine 0'Clock News - hilarious BBC series, with Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith and Gryf Jones

On The Buses ( re-runs )

Rising Damp ( re-runs )

Faulty Towers ( re-runs )

Monty Python's Flying Circus ( re-runs )

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