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Dark Star Orchestra


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Okay folks.. looks like DSO is playing Cleveland on April 30, and Detroit on May 1. Anybody?

I think I'm going to have to make a weekend of it... I keep hearing its worth it. So here we go...

Plus, they work out hotel deals and have a hotee with a hot tub 4 miles from State Theatre in Detroit for $100. What could be better then dirty hippies in hot-tubs?

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i'd love to see dso again. trust me momack its worth the time and the money. i'm not gonna promise you jerry garcia 1977. but i will guarantee a great time and great music from a band who is truely passionate about recreating a grateful dead show.

On a different note - gator - did I tell you that I ran into you at Dicky here in Toronto? You were hanging near the Chatam crew so I knew it was you. Greeted you with the usual "fu©k-you" type greeting, in fun of course...but... Thats when I realized it wasn't you. Could have been ugly...

Thanks for the tips on DSO. I have heard that I'd like the play list... as long as I don't get a 90s edition eternalcheese

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hey Morgan have you heard DSO before?

i have a ton of shows on cd if you'd like a sample

chances are you could get a non-recreated (original) setlist that night

I've got a couple discs someone gave me... I have to admit, there's only one place I turn to hear those sets :)

But I am stoked to go see them... you know its gonna get stranger...

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