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Question of the Afternoon


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Sorry to cheat, but I'm rarely online early enough to pose the QOTD. This afternoon's question is:

What's your favourite camping/hiking tricks?

I can think of three:

-in a pinch you can stuff your clean clothes into your sleeping-bag bag and you got yerself a makeshift pillow.

-ever been back-country hiking and have to get a rope or two up a tree to hang your food away from critters? T'aint easy. I know what your thinking, "Just tie a rope around a rock and toss it over." Ever tried to solidly tie a rope to a rock? T'aint easy. What is easy is this: bring a little mesh bag with a drawstring, put a rock in it and tie the drawstring to a rope. Easy.

-For hiker/drinkers: Buy one of those wine-in-a-box things. Careful, it's a lot of wine. Take it outta the box and you'll find they are really wine-in-a-bag things. Take this with you and drink freely. Every sip makes the bag shrink, with nothing to toss. Extra special bonus: at night you can blow into it and fill it up, they make awesome pillows, and they will NOT break. When you finish the wine I guarantee you'll save the bag as an inflatable pillow.

Cool, anybody got anymore?

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In fairness to other posters of QOTD, this isn't the BEST one i've ever seen buuuuuuut.....i'll give 'er a go:

My favourite canoe trip trick was to do two things.

1) Eat all the cheese while i was making food for other people

2) Steal the crumbled up cookies from the packs and eat those two after we burned in the forest


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i used to do lots of survival camping-the hardest ones with the guys I hung out with were usually 2 days in the woods with a canteen and a pocket knife. But then again I subjected myself to wading through rivers in wintertime and sleeping in snowbanks sometimes. I guess we made up for it with gasoline and explosions though...

-always take an extra pair of socks in a ziploc bag.

-if you are out camping and can camp anywhere try and find a ridge or something that is more rock than soil underneath. Build a fire early and feed it lots of hardwood, letting it turn to coal...camp close to it and it will penetrate to the bedrock and keep you warm for hours.

-in a similar way, place stones just outside of the fire...these later can go around or near you when sleeping to help keep you warm. This doesn't mix with drinking-style camping AT ALL!

-wire is handier than rope for a lot of things.

-if you are hiking and rest, don't take your boots off. Your feet will swell and hurt like shit when you lace up again and walk awhile.

-dehydrated food is a bad thing if you are conserving water.

after all that being said....i'm bringing my coffeepot to CTMF!!

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Guest Low Roller

- Rope, knife and matches are your best friends.


- Get a tent that will have maximum air flow. I've seen some tents that only have one small door and no windows. Gets awful stuffy in there.

- Set up your tent away from a downhill slope for obvious reasons (rain).

- Ideally you want to set up your tent on a bed of pine needles, they offer a little more cushioning than bedrock. Also pine trees do not tend to have root systems that like to break the surface, so there's less risk of having a root jab at your back while you're trying to sleep.

- Clean your tent of any sand/leaves/mud/jizz/whatever before you pack it to avoid any rotting.

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don't forget the t.p.!

newspaper for gettin your old-fashioned fire goin

nice little hatchet for tent pegs and kindling

if you're rafting, a little waterproof necklace thing to keep your 'cigarettes' dry

last and definately not least, bring 6 or 7 hundred friends, 16 fantastic bands, a big friendly smile and yer dancin shoes!! [big Grin][big Grin]

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after years of parking lot camping at G.D shows

i've learned one thing:

-reservations at a local motel.

just kidding.

this will be my first of many outdoor festivals this summer and i am f#%kin' stoked. see ya there!

no rain,no rain,no rain...

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I do alot of interior camping,from ONT to the Yukon,and have taken many survival courses,this is what I do.

Remember that white willow bark and leaves can be used for headache relief and/or fever relief.Does not cause gastric or intestinal upset or bleeding as aspirin can.

Use dehydrated foods.(reduces garbage,and you dont have to burn plastic,since you can reuse the baggies for food again).Cans are the worst thing to bring,unless you camp outta car.Too much weight,too much waste.

Bring a camp kettle instead of a pot for soups(which are part of the dehyrdated food).

Always have rope,you can use it for countless things.

Coat matches in wax.

Keep map in ziplock bag.

Put all clothes in garbage bags,in backpack(so not to get wet if canoe tips)

Cook food at least fifty feet from your camp.And change clothes after cooking.(doesnt attrack bears then to your camp)

Have food in food barrel(best for keeping dry and easier to hang).

Bring hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps(one bottle is easier to carry then beer),helps warm ya and helps relax ya(taste great also mixed together--called a polar bear)

Bring a pipe instead of papers.

Always three paddles.(unless your by yourself then two is enough)

There are so many things I usually do that make camping easier,theses are a few tips I have.

Now winter camping, well thats a whole other topic.

Take only pictures,leave nothing but foot prints~ [big Grin]

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If there is a potential for you getting lost, bring along a deck of cards. If you do get lost, sit down and start playing a game of solitaire. This way, eventually someone will come along, if only to say, "You should put the black ten on top of the red jack." [smile]

Yes, I know it's not original ...

Rob Not Bob

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compass and a map. Decent first aid kit.

for concert camping......our blow up air matress changed my life forever [big Grin] Now I really want a blow up sofa...soooo fine.

oh ya a trick ummm....well I highly reccomend John Wisemans'-The SAS survival handbook...it's uber cool.

If you forgot to wax;

Damp matches-if your hair is dry and not too greasy roll the damp match in it. Electrricity should dry out the match.

Strike a damp match by stabbing obliquely into the striker strip instead of drawing the match along it.

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bring a harmonica (even if you don't know how to play it'll provide hours of enjoyment)!

Also some skin magazines couldn't hurt [Razz]

But if you decide to bring a discman for the hike or sleep, I'd suggest the lengthy jams (phatty Dark Stars, ABB's Mountain Jam, etc...).

These got me through the rugged tundra of Russia's Far North East.

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Guest Low Roller


Originally posted by howler:

oh ya a trick ummm....well I highly reccomend John Wisemans'-The SAS survival handbook...it's uber cool.

NICE! I thought I was the only psycho around here who knew how to hunt men thanks to that book! [big Grin]

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NICE! I thought I was the only psycho around here who knew how to hunt men thanks to that book!

ahaha, not the only one either bro, that book is great.Pocket survival at its best.

Puts on a great seminar also.

Bring on the ghosttown~

See ya'll there.

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Guest Low Roller

Right on! [Cool]

I'm sure you have to be a little warped if you're gonna join the British version of the Marines.

Did you ever read the follow-up to the SAS Survival Handbook entitled "The SAS Self-Defense Handbook : A Complete Guide to Unarmed Combat Techniques"?

It has three full chapters on how to escape any sort of prison environment. [Eek!]

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ahhh baby whipes, theresa bought a huge pack yesterday...

i dont think she likes the smell of my feet after they have been baking in birks all day long....

I dont know why though...

I love Frontier Town Camping. I've done my share of backroad backpacking, but at the Great Frontier i can bring two huge coolers, a coleman range (fug the stove), queen size phat ass airmatress (with accompanying disco ball), of course the car plug in air pump, who wants to blow the thing up eh? Multiple fold up camping lawn chairs, all the modern necessities of home. Its hard to call it camping, BUT I LOVE IT!

[big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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