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anyone go to Plaskett last night in Waterloo?


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...found this on Joels website message board

March 21, 2005

Jane Bond Café, Waterloo, ON

Down At The Khyber

Radio Fly

It's Catchin' On

Lying on a Beach

Work Out Fine

Happen Now *

Lonely Love #

When I Have My Vision *

The Day You Walked Away #

new country song, "Take A Hike" lyrics

-this is a few verses he has worked out, nothing more; he did this at Hugh's Room in Toronto last summer too

She Made A Wreck Outta Me

Natural Disaster

True Patriot Love @

Love This Town


Nina and Albert (2nd half only)

You Came Along

Before You Leave

Absentminded Melody

* w/Peter Elkas on guitar/backing vocals

# w/Peter Elkas on pianet/backing vocals

@ Billy Joel "Sleeping With The Television On" intro

You couldn't squeeze a fly into that place, let me tell ya! Joel kept saying "I hope no one needs to pee!" An excellent start to the tour. He was only going to play an hour or so, but kept going for 90 minutes. Great crowd (drunk kids on the floor notwithstanding), great vibe. He "loves that town"!


looks pretty darn good to me ::

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