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Product Description:

The bass player for the greatest improvisational band in American history tells the full, true story of his life, Jerry Garcia, and the Dead. Phil Lesh first met Jerry Garcia in 1959 in the clubs of East Palo Alto, California. At Garcia’s suggestion, Lesh learned to play the electric bass, joining him in a new band that blended R&B, country, and rock and roll with an experimental fervor never before heard.

Now, in time for the Grateful Dead’s 40th anniversary, Phil Lesh offers the first behind-the-scenes history of the Dead--a story no one will ever know as he does. From their first gigs to the legendary Acid Tests, in San Francisco’s Summer of Love, at Woodstock, Monterey, Altamont, and the Pyramids, the Dead have been in the center of rock’s defining moments. Phil Lesh tells what it has been like to live at the heart of this whirlwind, making uncompromisingly original musicwith bandmates Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Pigpen, Mickey Hart, and especially Jerry Garcia, the charismatic, enigmatic soul of the band. He tells the stories behind songs like "Dark Star," "Friend of the Devil," "Truckin’," and his legendary composition "Box of Rain." And in intimate detail, Lesh describes what it was like to storm heaven night after night--and the price he and others have paid, up to and following Jerry Garcia’s tragic death in 1995.

SEARCHING FOR THE SOUND is a ruthlessly honest look inside one of the greatest American bands, written with humor, intelligence, and a deep affection that only Phil Lesh himself could provide


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