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My soul is crushed given that my mp3 disc had failed not once, but twice. I can't figure it out... the first time, when reading off the CD, I was like 'oh, if I copy the files to the computer, it will work for sure...' but as it turns out, no, it doesn't....

Anyway.... as the show's half over, and my plan to have a great list is in tatters, AND the fact that anything I play from this computer seemed to be fukt, I think you should hang on to your requests for next week....

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bouche, is there any way to have a topic like this get "pinned" to the top of the topics list, but only for a specific period of time, like Wednesday midnight to noon, say? That way, Tonberry won't have to create a new topic every week, it'll just automagically pop up to the top, and then vanish back into the depths of topics once the show is no longer an imminent thing.



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