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how bout that..


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niffermouse and i keep our sanity during weather like this by reminding ourselves that this goddamn snow will be coming out the tap in August, and if the tap runs dry, well...suddenly snow's ok :)

what a positive spin Tim -- you can always make me rethink things.

But, alas, I also hate getting "sucker-punched" by spring. I was in spring clothes yesterday and planning to unpack summer clothes today. Canadians and March bring truth to the cliche "hope springs eternal", because we should all know warm March weather is a tease, but we all secretly hope it harkens the end of winter.

Why didn't my Irish ancestors look at the Bahamas as a viable destination???

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Here, in Whistler, we've had a couple good snow storms lately. The difference is, we're happy about it. The reaction around here is, essentially, "Finally!"

Stellar snowboarding weather this week.

Hooray, I can finally ski for the first time since early December (and it wasn't even that good then either). May this weather last well into May!!! :)

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