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GTB 2005-03-19 Ottawa -- Download


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I think you outdid yourself on this one, man. Wow! I'm in the middle of "Street Sleeper", and it's jaw-dropping, both the performance (this was probably the best GTB show I've seen, if not ever than in recent memory), and the sound quality, which I chalk up to the band, the soundman (Jarrod [sp?] is the man), and the matrixed recording. I can actually hear the guitars as being at separate points in the stereo image.

Now all we have to do is get the audio to the guy who was shooting the video, and get some DVDs produced...


BRAD (Bus Recording: Audio Delight!)

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this was a great bus show, best I have seen in a while. Sounds great too. Thank you both for this show. and GTB...and Booche and Douglas....and the bartender @ Mavericks...and my wife...and the cabbie...and the tall nice dude I talked golf with at the show....and bouche and greg hemmings for providing the dance off....and graham and jody for splitting a cab and offering to do our taxes....


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