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JstSmkd1's first time....


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wow first time .. right on..

so insta-gator tell that house mate of yours to brush all those cobwebs off his goalie equitment so he can play net for you fella's for the second annual ghost town hockey game..

what is it chatham vs u hillbillies from bothwell !

full contact, high sticks and no helmets .... pure chatham style.. (well how do u think zeddy got so ugly).

[big Grin]

can't wait to u see u guys !!!! [big Grin]

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I think that I'll be doin a little bartendin' at this so called saloon..........

Doggie I think that we should have our public school hockey team come out of retirement for this one. Bacon you still remember how to play?????????

We'll be arriving pretty early on Friday hope you guys are too!!!!!!!

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I'll be throwing a couple of elbows your way on Sat. afternoon Crow!

Why Sat. afternoon you going bed early????

In the words of the "The Nature Boy"


And Swifty don't be getting your wife involved, we all know that she's the only tough Swift there is........................... [big Grin]

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