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Michael Franti Upward and Onward...


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MICHAEL FRANTI TEAMS UP WITH LEGENDARY godfathers of riddim Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and long-time Beastie Boys collaborator, Jack Johnson producer, Mario Caldato, Jr.

This dream team of riddim, beats and progressive innovators can only take the soul-inflicted and politically conscious music of Michael Franti to the next level.


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I just read them straight off of his website.

It was amazing to realize how really skewed(sp?) the media's veiw of Iraq was (is) after reading such a brutally honest firsthand account.

And not just Iraq but Israel as well. How we see the Israelis and Palestinians from over here is VERY different from how things actually are over there according to his diary.

It's such an incredible read!

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Thanks ... you crazy, blue, glutton!

I look forward to reading these, as I have been interested to see them ever since I heard that Franti literally strapped on a guitar and walked around Iraq playing tunes for everyone who would listen because, of course,

Everyone deserves music.
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