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Happy Birthday, Deb!


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We're off to Niagara for till Saturday night, but since Saturday is Deb's birthday, I just wanted to get this out - Happy birthday, Deb!

My partner in crime, my fellow adventurer, the cool mother of all cool mothers, the one that can bring cheer to any room she walks into, for whom there are no strangers but only friends unmet; your energy is boundless and inspiring, your ability to care humbling, your passion energising. And you've put up with me for over a decade and a half, which alone is a suprahuman capacity deserving of untold praise. Thanks for now just for having been born.

With much love,


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Thanks for the birthday wishes one and all.

We had a great coupla days of cheesy cheesy kitzch in Niagara Falls. (thanks Dave for enduring my love of things cheesy! “I AM the undisputed skee-ball QUEEN!!!”)

To all you wonderful Hamilton freaks -- those becoming close friends and those I’ve yet to meet -- see you soon for another boogie night at PJC and after-party jam! To those as far flung as Moonstone, Smith Falls, and London, hopefully we’ll connect at one of the upcoming summer festivals! Guigsy, rather than a shoe-tying "lesson", treat me to a shoe-tying when I've got to find my shoes after a night a bare-footed craziness! :: Bokonon, you’ll soon be the furthest flung yet – but we’ll cross paths again, I know. PP – glad you're still representin' KW cool -- looking forward to partying soon! And to my neighbour Aromatherapy – the only reason we haven’t descended on you guys for dinner yet is that we don’t have your address! Ask Ms. Hux, I’ll just walk in when I know where you live!! ;)

Finally to Mark and Tim, you are both stellar boyz and I’m so lucky you & yours are within our orbit – it’s pretty neat knowing the folks you’ll be in an old-age home with some distant day in the future ( – with Tim leading the drum circles, of course!)

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