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so i gotta know......


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is anything going on in kw tomorrow?

how 'bout downtown browntown on sunday?

or does anybody have my heady ride from ilderton (outside london) to the caution jam show?

i'm all by my little self this weekend and i really don't want to hang out in my apartment packing all weekend. (only some of it)

yeah, i don't handle being by myself for extended periods of time too well, it's pathetic. i blame it on my upbringing which included absolutely no privacy whatsoever. ;)

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you know what lex? you should find happiness in being by yourself...if you can't make yourself happy....than who can? in the end it's just you! what are ya gunna do when you're out in BC? hehe and when you cant amuse yourself...there's always bars to go to, or books to read...i'm druuuuunk

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in bc i'm going to be living with four people a dog and a wolf, i'll have lots of company! i can make myself happy, that's easy (especially after a visit from LMP :: ) but i just like having company. i was raised in a loud and bustling house next door to an even louder and more bustliing house, i'm used to lots of people all the time.

that and i'm whiney

and i'm not drunk

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