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latin american film festival (ottawa)


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if anyone is interested... :: hope to make it out to a few of these if i can!





All screenings at

395, rue Wellington Street

National Archives Auditorium

Archives nationales du canada



Club SAW

67 Nicholas St.

The Canadian Film Institute is proud to present the 9th annual Latin

American Film festival, featuring the best of contemporary cinema from

Latin America. All films are Ottawa premieres!

Fri./ven. April 1 avril, 19:00 Brazil


Brazil, 2004, 85 min. Director: José Roberto Torero

“A freewheeling Brazilian take on the comedy of romance. Or is it the

romance of comedy? This playfully ingenious script, worthy of the madcap

twists of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich), charts the making of a

romantic comedy from A to Z. Through a narrator’s ironic guide, audiences

are invited to participate in the casting of the main players in the

story, how their characters meet, and how they jump through the clichés of

romance. Just when you think you’ve got this unique film figured out, it

comes up with more and more surprises.” Cinequest Film Festival. English


[Marker]Sat./sam. April 2 avril, 19:00 Chile


Chile, 2004, 120 min. Director: Andrés Wood

Chile, 1973. Gonzalo Infante and Pedro Machucha are two 11-year-old boys

from Santiago. Gonzalo’s family lives in a wealthy neighbourhood, while

Pedro’s home is in a recently created, illegal shantytown just a few

blocks away. There’s a huge invisible wall dividing these two separate

worlds, a wall that some people want to break down. One of these hopeful

dreamers is Father McEnroe, the headmaster of an elite private school. All

seems to be working until the Allende government is besieged. “Richly

human in focus, the drama steadily cranks up its political and emotional

charge, poignantly viewing its themes through the eyes of two 11-year-old

boys.” David Rooney (Variety) English sub-titles.

[Marker]Sat./dim. April 2 avril, 21:30 Argentina

LOST EMBRACE/El Abrazo Partido

Argentina 2004, 100 min. Director: Daniel Burman

Ariel is in his twenties and living in Buenos Aires with his mother.

Resaerching his family history, he learns of how his Polish grandparents

came to Argentina to escape the Holocaust. He also discovers that his

father left Argentina to go to Israel the year Ariel was born. No one

talks about the absent father, in spite of Ariel's questions. Then, one

day, his father arrives in Buenos Aires and Ariel gets to hear the whole

story.... Selected for Official Competition at the Berlin International

Film Festival in 2004. English sub-titles.

Sun./dim. April 3 avril, 19:00 El Salvador


This impressive collection of short film productions from El Salvador


CORN HIKERS/Caminantes de maiz (2004, 20 min. Director: Santiago

Gutierrez) This is the story of two Salvadoran immigrants: Mauricio and

Esteban who decide to go to United States illegally. They make it to

Tapachula in the south of Mexico, where in their attempt to jump into a

moving, when disaster strikes; MELQUIEDES SHOES/Los Zapatos de Melquiedes

(2004, 8 min. Director: David Ulloa) A man resolute to find a job finds

more obstacles than expected; THE GIFT/El Regalo La Navidad de los Mora

(2005, 17 min. Director: Adrián Hernández) This is the story of the

misadventures of a “Tacuacin” named, Tacuache who steals the Christmas

presents of a young boy from a typical Salvadorian family in a far away

town; and PORTRAITS OF CLEMENTINA (2001, 6 min. Director: Paula Heredia) A

celebration of the legacy of the infamous Honduran poet and patron of the

arts, Clementina Suarez. English sub-titles.

[Marker]Sun. /dim. April 3 avril, 21:00 Honduras

ANITA THE INSECT HUNTER / Anita, la cazadora de insectos

Honduras 2001, 93 min. Director: Hispano Duron

Sometimes it's tough being too smart and attractive. As her younger

brother reminisces in voice over, Marcela Flores's Anita does well in

school, but then she spots her already short-fused dad with someone else.

Ultimately she finds her refuge in tracking bugs, but finally Mom has to

intervene in the complicated emotional situation by reaching for that

flower pot. Coming of age can be difficult and painful, but also

entertaining, in this first ever all-Honduran feature. English sub-titles.

[Marker]Mon./lun. April 4 avril, 19:00 Mexico

LOVE HURTS/Amar te duele

Mexico 2002, 104 min. Director: Fernando Sarinana

Teenagers Renata and Ulises search for love and freedom amid class

divides, prejudice, peer pressure and urban violence in this moving

Romeo-and-Juliet story set in the shopping malls, working-class barrios

and wealthy neighbourhoods of Mexico City. Skateboards, graffiti art and a

gritty rock en español soundtrack propel this bittersweet love story

starring Martha Higareda and Luis Fernando Peña as teenagers who use hopes

and dreams to imagine a better world.


Preceded by BURNING OVEN/Horno Ardiente (Paraguay 2002, 12 min. Directors:

Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori), in which, through the doors of an

oven, we look at a married couple

submerged in a terrible disagreement. English sub-titles.

[Marker]Mon./lun. April 4 avril, 21:15 Cuba

HONEY FOR OSHUN/Miel para Oshun

2001, 115 min. Director: Humberto Solas

Roberto returns to Cuba after 32 years in Miami. He's there to find his

mother, whoabandoned the family, or so he's been told. When he meets

Pilar, his cousin, however, he gets a different version of events. After

hearing that his father lied abnout his mother, Roberto becomes obsessed

with finding her. Accompanied by a tourist driver in a ramshackle car, the

pair travel Cuba what seems to be a futile search. Until.... "Humberto

Solas, the veteran Cuban director whose LUCIA was one of the classics of

the Latin American cinema, proves with HONEY FOR OSHUN that he has lost

none of the special warmth and humanity that distinguished his past work."

Derek Malcolm (Screen International) English sub-titles.

[Marker]Tues./mardi April 5 avril, 19:00 Peru

WHAT THE EYE DOESN’T SEE / Ojos que no ven

Peru 2003, 149 minutes Director: Francisco Lombardi

Based on actual events, EYE captures dramatically the devastating

consequences of a corrupt government. In September 2002, a television

channel in Peru broadcasts a secretly recorded video in which the Director

of Intelligence Services and advisor to the President is paying an

opposition congressman for his “services.” This unveils a vast web of

corruption web that involves judges, the military, businessmen,

politicians, and the media. The airing of the video soon generates a

political scandal. Through six parallel stories that develop during this

time of deep crisis, Lombardi explores the moral decomposition of Peruvian

society. A masterwork from Peru’s greatest director. English sub-titles.

[Marker]Wed./mer. April 6 avril, 19:00 Venezuela

STALKED / Acosada en Lunes de Carnaval

Venezuela 2003 106 min. Director: Malena Roncayolo

Set in the 1920s, this potent tale of lost innocence revolves around

Mariantonia, a young girl rapidly moving from childhood to adulthood. In

the middle of her great fears and her parent’s terrible suffering at the

hands of an unscrupulous and powerful local man, Colonel Villagra, she

discovers life and femininity. Mariantonia and her mother resist force and

power of Villagra. Narrated as an adult today, she reflects upon about the

consequences, personal and political, of her childhood. English


[Marker]Wed./mer. April 6 avril, 21:00 Uruguay

TRUE WORDS / Palabras Verdaderas

Uruguay 2004 55 min Director: Ricardo Casas

How can one paint a portrait of such a public person, one so well-known

and well-loved by his vast readership, a readership which covers every age

and every country in the Spanish-speaking world? Why is Mario Benedetti

quoted and recited, even by his enemies? What is it about this man, a man

of such modesty, so "typically Uruguayan", yet who is able to represent so

many kindred spirits throughout the width and breadth of Latin America and

Spain? So many questions to be answered. TRUE WORDS searches for the keys

of this illustrious citizen of Montevideo in his life and especially in

his poetry. Here is a man who has had to face various periods in exile yet

who has received all the prizes the world can offer. But above all else,

who has received the unconditional love of his readership, a massive and

faithful audience that follows him everywhere he goes and that spoils him

every day with its applause and its reading. English sub-titles. .

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