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Saturday and Monday, SLAMMIN JACK....


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This Saturday @ Malones Downtown.

- Should be pretty crazy. Got a few things in store for the night. A couple different bass players... Eric Stevenson (themasses), Martin Ayerst (slammin jack vetran) and possibly Jim Guthrie (Vitamin L, Relentless Couchmen, The Purple Halmets, and more recentely... Slammin Jack).

First time since New Years in Vancouver and should be the last for a little while.

Monday night @ the Boot in Whistler

- Last Jack show for a little while. Big Party! Two different Bass players... Jim Guthrie will be bringing his Stand-up and electric bass. Possibly his brother Jay on Mandolin for the acoustic set. And then Eric from Themasses bringin on the dancy funk for the later half of the evening.

The circus will be in town!!!

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A reminder that Slammin Jack are at the boot tonight. Hey StoneMTN, we hope you can make it out. Is there any way to get in touch with Dark Star Doug? A few of the Jack boys used to be a part of the whistler scene (Dark Star, Dank Nuggs, Sweaty Cheddar/She Stole My Beer, Famous 47)... they used to jam with all those boys back in the day. Like pp said, the circus will be in town!!!

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I plan to be there tonight; although being old and lame and having to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, it'll probably only be for first set.

I actually don't know the guys in the local scene. I only moved here about two years ago, and that scene has been going on for more than ten years. I believe, however, that "Spudly" (found here and more often on the Upstream Entertainment board) probably knows those guys personally; and he seems like he'd probably be helpful to you if you message him. He seems like a good guy, although I also don't know him in person; either.

(I actually did meet one of you guys, though, a few years ago at the all-natural grocery store where a couple of you guys worked; on Commercial. You guys burned me a compilation of some live stuff, back before your shows were easily available and before you recorded anything. I still listen to it.)

Kick some tush for us tonight at the Boot!


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