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Hey East Coasters!

Im going home Donny

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Hey there! Well I'm 98% decided on a trip to your beautifull side of things to catch GTB and the Rheostatics play at UNB! ::

The thing is I can't seem to find where/how I can get my paws on tickets? Don't even know the name of the venue at UNB...which I assume is University of New Brunswick.

Any info would be super appreciated!



julia :: ::

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Hey Esau! Thanks! You're the bees knees dude!

Thing is that its the show the following night at UNB I'm lost on? I've gone ahead and peppered GTBs site with my question plus I've sent e-mails to east coasters I know...so hopefully I'll know soon!



and double thanks!



message to Universe-please don't let this sell out before I get my paws on a ticket!

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