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Spring = Freshly Smoothedessness


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Screw the gopher... he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about... you know it's spring when the Paan pubes hit the shower floor...

There is little better than the feeling of freshly shaved privates... especially when you use a minty concoction. Its like a fresh spring breeze constantly blowing.

For those who have not tried it, I highly recommend it. Not only does it feel sexy, it looks great too...

Feel like I should be going to film some cheesy porn! :P

Just had to share my joy.


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Not sure that I ever met Hamilton (at least not knowing him by Hamilton), but I am sure he's a stellar...

I didn't take that, nor most other things on this board personally at all... I know the intentions never come across well...

I should probably do more of my replies in purple myself... although if I did that, basicaly everything I write would have to be in purple.

Besides, he's right... I can creep myself out somtimes... but rarely :)

All kidding aside though, I feel sexy smooth.

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yeah...hamilton is quite negative....once, I saw him laugh at a elderly lady that fell in front of Jackson square....actually we both did.

I'd figure you guys have met,possibly only briefly but if you've been to PJC,chances are you've met.

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