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Nero at moe.down????


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Ok, I'm on the moe emailing list and I just got this email this morning.

"8/29-31 - 4th Annual moe.down

Snow Ridge Ski Area

Turin, NY

all ages

$75 early bird Until June 1st

On-Sale - April 1st

Side Stage-Lynch, Nero, OM Trio

more info to come"

Tell me it's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 [big Grin]

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WOOOOHOOO! holy guys- is that awesome or what!!!

can we all make a major effort to party together while there this year?

you guys are gonna have so much fun!

tell them I can't beleive they kicked us out of the Molson backsage after I had the decency to smoke some good herb with the crew!

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Guest Low Roller

I'm still waiting on some sort of confirmation before I throw my hat in the air in jubilation, but Nero at moe.down would be very cool.

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I hear that the setlist is ready to go as well:

1 - New Funk song > Zedonk

2 - Effervescence > El Vezz

3 - Condor

Someone also mentioned that a partial Slipknot is getting thrown in somewhere, and the boys will be prepared by MoeDown for the inevitable crowd chant I am starting this Saturday night!

For those that I have talked to, I hope ya'll remember those drunken instructions given at my place. If you dont, I understand, you were probably drunk................

For those that do, dont say a DAMN word online. I swear, I will kick your ass and call you Trevor Turner.

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