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Kevin Breit Update


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Hey Folks,

Hope that everyone had a relaxing easter and that the Fun Bunny had gifts for all.

Kevin Award-Crop.JPG

Last Monday, Kevin received Toronto's Musician of the Year for 2004 and then the Sisters proceeded to put the Orbit Room into spinning mayhem. Unbelievable energy.

There are some tasty new downloads at www.kevinbreit.com These downloads change monthly so check back every once in a while to see what's new.

Kevin will be performing at Hugh's Room on April 7 with Folk Alarm, his trio that offers unique and original music that is a combination of folk, bluegrass, jazz, rock and other genres too numerous to mention. For those who saw the show in October you know what to expect. Well worth the ticket price. www.hughsroom.com



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Sorry, don't know the ticket cost and don't know who decides on the "award" but it is from the Toronto Musician's Society/Group. Either way, Kevin was greatly honoured and played like a demon, as always.

Spoke with Kevin last night who is definitely getting the band up to Ottawa because of the efforts of Bouche and Todd. Way to go boys, you're in for a good show!!! And hopefully I'll be there to share it with you.

Keep Well All,


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what an honour that award must bestow!

Congratulations Kevin! I'm sure the entire crowd was honoured with one killer show afterwards.

Con'o'Phish, we are completely looking forward to attending the sister's show on apr.18th. Stay tuned for excited emails!

hmmm...was that award show recorded?

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