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Vinyl in Southern Ontario


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I'm looking for shops in Southern Ontario to check out when I'm in the area(s).

Lemme know friends.


Guelph shops

Eclectic Vinyl/Syrkle of Hearts - Carden St

2nd hand store beside Thomas Video

Music in Orbit - Just left of the old Quebec St. Mall/CIBC

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S Ontario is pretty broad...what city are you going to be in?

When I lived in Toronto I had a ton of places that I frequented. The place to start is called CD Characters on Queen W. If you're on the NE corner of Queen and Spadina, the entrance is to the left of Gorilla Monsoon (which is to the left of the Horseshoe). You walk up the stairs and it's the first place on the right. The guy who runs it is pleasant and no-BS, and he's got a good selection of vinyl, and also lots of CD bootlegs and used CDs.

Further west on Queen, on the south side, is a place called Queentessential. This guy has a lot of actual records in his place, but I've found way more actual GOOD stuff at CD Characters because the guy there doesn't buy crap. Worth stopping in though.

Further west, just west of Bathurst on the North side of Queen, is Rotate This. Good selection, staff a little elitist, but also worth stopping in.

A block or two west of THAT on the south side is Silver Discus, great little store. Bought a mint copy of the London Howlin Wolf Sessions in there (it was a later pressing, but still nice and mint :D).

Across the street from THAT (and maybe a block west too, I don't remember) is Neurotica. Also good. Bargain bins in the front, crap 4 for a dollar or something.

So that's enough to fill a day on Queen West :D. If you're going to be uptown I've also had great luck at Sonic Temple, on the West side of Yonge St, north of Sheppard/south of Finch, in the next block north of the Empress Walk movie theatres.

Happy hunting eh.

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Speed City in London has some punk/garage finds

Reigning Sound in Hamilton good for the same

Cheapies in Hamilton has some good finds, as does Dr. Disc. Sonic Unyon is good for new vinyl in Hamilton.

In Kitchener, check out Orange Monkey if you've never been before

Toronto - also check out Sonic Temple (in North York, really) for collector vinyl (you'll pay for it too)

Is Star Records still open in St. Catharines? If not, try Tantrum

In Ottawa, try birdman Sound for garage/psych stuff - okay Ottawa's not Southern Ontario. Sorry,

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Kitchener has 2 fantastic record stores.

X-Disc-C - on the corner of King & Queen, downtown kitchener


Orange Monkey - on the corner of Princess & King, Uptown Waterloo.

Been awhile since I've checked either store out, but they are the biggest contributors to my vinyl collection.

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