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so....ummm....HERBIE is TONIGHT


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right on man, i wasnt sure who was going with ya,, maybe ill ride up with georgie? is it just him goin up?

ill find a way either with george or sans or maybe stefan if hes going

have a blast tonight at herbie man thats gonna be good times

CLT: phish private party from 89 [big Grin]

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not sure if your going up w/ us or who, but we'll definately find you a ride.

Tracy and a bunch of her friends are leaving around noon on Friday, as well as George Friday Evening....I guess worst case would be Sansman in the evening as well...

We have the traditional Uncle Ted w/ us, but if i put the roof racks on the car, we might be able to fit a fourth. I'd rather try to find ya a ride with someone who is riding solo or with two though...

We'll figure something out ...

Oh ya, herbie is at massey hall...the show you posted about a few days ago, the 50th aniversary of the greatest jazz concert.

I'm very excited....

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