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Hey bradm!

Mr. Musicface

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Sorry for the public post man but I didn't have any other way to contact you...

I'd love to hear the Seth/Lefty/Hux show you recorded back in Dec. - any chance of getting either files or a disc? I'd be more than happy to cover shipping and any other expenses.

You rock! (Although you probably already knew that.)

- Mr. M.

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A thousand apologies; I've been somewhat reticent in my responses of late.

I'm tranferring it even as I type. I haven't got digital transfers set up yet, so it's digital -> analog -> digital, but that should't affect the sound too much (he said, hopefully).

I'll transfer it, split it into tracks, and burn it to CD-R tonight, then give it a listen. If the sound doesn't suck too much, I'll snail-mail it off to ya. (What address should I use? I checked your web page, but there wasn't anything non-virtual in the way of addresses.) Don't sweat the CD-R and postage; we'll square up when you guys make it up to Ottawa*.



* Uh, you are] going to be playing Ottawa soonish, aren't you?

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Brad, you are indeed the man. There may be other men, but they are simply "a man", or more likely, "some guy".

You can send it to:

Jay Moonah

157 Randolph Rd.

East York, ON

M4G 3S3


* Uh, you
going to be playing Ottawa soonish, aren't you?

That is indeed the plan! We're talking to the Huxtables as we speak - people are talking, agents are taking each other out for power lunches, fax machines are working over time, the wheels are in motion my friend! [big Grin]

Seeya then!

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