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The Single Best Day of my Life!!!!!


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Last night at Mohawk College, they held their yearly awards ceremony. I was told i was eligible for two awards....so needless to say, i was excited.

yesterday started off great, finding out I was hired by Cal Schultz Insurance in Burlington (waaaaaay better than driving to Toronto).

i figured all my good luck was drained, but i was wrong.

i was the winner of the Pearson Education Award for highest mark in the program, 93.1 average, then I was awarded with the Royal Sun Alliance Underwriting award! This one was the one i was aiming for.

Included with the second award was a cheque for 1,000!!!! Following the presentation with the head of commercial underwriting at Royal, i was offered a full time job with them!!!!

THEN, the owner of Pearson Dunn Insurance, Jim Pearson offered me a job on the spot! So now i have three jobs i'm choosing between.

Yesterday was probably THE BEST day of my life. I am now able to add TWO awards to my resume, i have THREE full time jobs to choose from, all because i've been busting my ass in Insurance like ive never busted ass before.

On my way to the bank to drop the cheque on my credit card....Its finally going to be paid off!!!!!

(((((AND I GOT A JOB))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thanks guys.

seriously. i've never felt so giddy/alive/scared/alive/proud/scared/but alive walking across the stage for the second award....

all my old computer teachers were looking at me, thinking geez, he only got C's in our class....

It felt good. Finally i wasn't on the loosing end.

Its also a nice motivator to keep me from slacking...

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