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Don't bother eating poo...


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okay, this thread is making me remember two things:

1. eating poo (fresh outta the ass of a hot babe) is a serious kink in Japanese society. I AM NOT KIDDING. There are exclusive parties where a sex kitten is fed certain herbal/spice ingredients beforehand, she takes a dump on a silver platter in the middle of a big dining table and then the guests all get a taste on tiny silver spoons. This disturbing image will be stuck in my brain until my deathbed, so thought I'd share!

How do I know this? well when Dave & I were teaching in Japan and it wasn't paying the big bucks, I looked into my options ;)

2. In Margaret Atwood's book Oryx & Crake, a madman is trying to genetically create the perfect human. One of the traits he factors in is their need/ability to re-masticate their own poo in order to fully extract ALL available nutrients. Lots of animals actuAlly do this (or eat the poo of others) but somehow knowing this still doesn't make it any easier to "swallow" har de har har

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