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Hey Harpuah, nice to see you coming to town.

I just cut and pasted part of an old post I made to reply to another person who was coming this way. There are certainly more shows going on, and you should check out www.upstreamentertainment.com (both the message board and the "Upcoming Shows" section) for details, but here is some stuff for ya...

April 2nd Vancouver: Reverend Horton Heat (Commodore Ballroom)

April 8th Whistler: String Cheese Incident (for free in the afternoon at the base of the Mountain)

April 8th Whistler: Zilla (member of SCI and others at the Boot Pub)

April 14th Whistler: Toots and the Maytals (also in the afternoon and I think free again)

April 15th Whistler: Spearhead (also in the afternoon and I think free again)

April 19th Vancouver: Arlo Guthrie (Chan Centre @ UBC)

I plan to be at all of the above, except for Toots.


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Unfortunately I'll only be around from the 7th-11th so I can't check out all of the listed shows, however I will definaltely check out Themasses on the 8th- I totally dug the Golden showw in Feb so... how much SCI does one woman need anyways- I'm more than happy with my 2 shows... although I have never heard Zilla. Anyways Thanks for tha info- see ya at the show!!!

Really I'm not even huge on SCI but I need to go to the city soon anyhow and if it doesn't involve border crossing I'm there.

Peace, Pot, Micro-dot


PJ I've been trying to PM you and Hazle on tha PB site but its not going through- wanna go to Whistler with me on the 8th????

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More than 40 cms. of powder today! Two people have already described to me powder "up to my chest". In fairness, both people are only about 5 foot 3 inches, so it may only be waist-deep depending on your height.

To make a long story short BRING YOUR BOARD!!!

Oh, one more thing. I don't think lift tickets are 70 bucks right now. The price goes up and down during different parts of the season, and I think it is more like 50 or 60 bucks right now. (I'm not positive because I have a season pass.)

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