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Good times for sure, King Sunhsine are playing Pepper Jack's this Friday. With guest selecta the honourable Reverend Select.

cover $6



>There’s a lot of history in King Sunshine. The band started to evolve at a time when house music and Djs were coming up from the underground and planting their roots outside of the club scene. House heads out of Chicago we're releasing "The History of House Music", while King Sunshine was preparing to make history eight hours away in Toronto. They began opening ears and eyes as one of the most explosive bands to take house music off of vinyl and bring it to the stage live.

>Many musicians have gravitated towards the disco and funk rhythms of King Sunshine. In six years of development, nine soul shakers have solidified a powerful force that hypnotizes audiences, draws them to the dance floors and uplifts them to a higher state of consciousness.

>Sweet keys, heart pounding drums, heavy bass, smooth guitar, intense electronics, percussion, tight horns and soulful vocals make up King Sunshine.

>People have described their concerts as "a powerful, unforgettable, rhythmic experience"

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Come on tool box, there's no reason to get all bitter.

no bitterness here dude, i got what i had comin to me really

im actually kind of looking foward to going to a show as a custie not staff and gettin swilly, how long do you think itll take me until im milling around by the door lol

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