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Five thousand!


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I joined a website called "phishsanctuary.com" back August, 2001. Since then, I've been to an untold number of shows, had my world expanded beyond anything I could have imagined (I now have friends from coast to coast, literally), have found a way to utilize my resources and skills to give joy to people's lives, and had more fun than just about any other period in my life.

And I've spent a lot of time posting stuff. Three and a half years, five thousand posts: a lot of questions asked, a lot of questions answered, a lot of rides begged (and received), a lot of "download available" notices, a lot of URLs included, a lot of Google searching, and lot of pointing-and-clicking through the jambands.ca menus and buttons.

Here, then, is a quick/small list of some of my favourites of what I've posted:

Back in June, 2002, nero played Cafe Dekcuf, and it was a theme night: "nero goes Hawaiian". The next day, I posted a somewhat impressionistic description of the night. If you pretend it was actually badly written by Samuel R. Delany, it might read a little better.

On March 11, 2003, I posted some reminiscences about my Dad, on the first anniversary of his death.

And, finally, last August, a GTB show happened to coincide with the third anniversary of seeing nero for the first time.

What will the next five thousand posts hold? Probably much of the same; I'm nothing if not consistent... ;)



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WOW! :D That's awesome Brad! Congrats on the big 5000. It was nice to see your older posts (as I've only really been around the board for a short while now). You are completely right when you said that you've found a great community here. I have met so many kind souls in the jamband scene, on the Sanctuary and across the continent. Hats off to all of you guys! You rock!

I've got a lot of work to do before I get to 5000. Fingers crossed for another office job. :P

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I saw that counter climbing up to its incipient Big Round Figure, and thought, Wow. You always have such totally enjoyable and spot-on appropriate posts, Brad, and set a good example for budding board junkies like me. Keep 'em coming!

What He Said. Your usually brilliant posts here and your kind activities in meatspace make a lot of folks very happy.

We'll drink a toast to you on Saturday!

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