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Hey everyone,

I'm joining Dave Alburger, Ollie Gellner, Andrew Sparling , and booche on CKCU radio tonight to spin a selection of jammy tracks.

We've got some on-air time to use to provide some give-aways including cd's from moe., Stephen Franke, The Wayne Eagles Project, Moses Mayes and maybe more.

The show is called Now's The Time and it is on at 9:30. Tune in to the FM channel 93.1. As well, it's broadcast over the internet at www.ckcufm.com or you can link directly to http://ckcu.magma.ca/ckcu.ram

Make sure you have Realone player installed.

Please participate as much as possible. Email CKCU at info@ckcufm.com and share your thoughts to help keep these things going. Tonberry's show on wednesday's and those involved in tonights show would appreciate your feedback.

I'm going to make this sticky and most on-air contests may have to be answered here.

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Anyone who is listening and online, we'll be giving away 3 prize packs tonight. 2 will be over the telephone and one over the sanctuary.

The number at CKCU is : 520-2528

There's a lot of great music planned for tonight and some chats. I'll post some links to everyone you've listened to tonight.

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well then I'll say...

Leo Kottke / Beneveto/Russo (Duo) / Leftover Salmon

wait, I change my answer: ::

Friday 09/03/04 main stage:

5:30 Nellie McKay

7:15 Leo Kottke

9:15 Leftover Salmon

11:15 moe.

beer tent:

4:30 - Perpetual Groove (Performing throughout the night)

Saturday 09/04/04 main stage:

1:30 John Brown's Body

3:30 moe.

5:45 Duo w/ Gordon

7:30 Disco Biscuits

10:00 moe.

beer tent:

12:30 Burt Nielson Band

3:30 Burt Nielson Band (per moe.'s website, but we're guessing 3pm)

5:00 FALL

7:30 Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (Performing throughout the night)

Sunday 09/05/04 main stage:

1:30 Trainwreck

3:30 Michael Franti and Spearhead

6:00 Blues Traveler

8:00 moe.

beer tent:

12:30 Gongzilla

3:00 Gongzilla

5:30 Al and the Transamericans

7:30 Grand Theft Bus

9:30 Grand Theft Bus

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why do I feel like university radio dj's are snickering at a guy named "paisley" :: ::

a supafine goth/industrial hottie nicknamed me that while we were experiencing the hallucinagenic effects of some red wine in our swinging little bohemian apartment I'll have you know!

you guys should wish M a super happy birthday if you get a chance

(nice to hear Stephen Franke pronounced properly, thanks Bouche)

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