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Diesel Dog info needed............


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First off, does anyone have the setlist from the first zombified "Schoolhouse Rock" party in Chatham?

Secondly (and if no to the question above) what's the name of the song that has the lyrics "and she calls me closer, closer all the time"? (is it "Closer all the time"?)


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I'm quite sure that isn't the setlist. I sent out a totally scrambled copy for some reason. I think I was totally scrambled or something.

It goes a little more like this:

Diesel Dog


Old Schoolhouse – Chatham, ON

* only sets one and two of three *

Disc One: set one:

1. Will It Go Round In Circles?

2. The Meat Roll

3. Jungle Boogie

4. Dirt Road

5. ?? // (power went out)

6. Could You Be Loved?

7. I Get Lifted

Disc Two: set two:

1. I Wish Us the Best (correct title?) "I saw you standin, up against the wall..."

2. (unstrumental ??)

3. Come Too Far

4. Viola Lee Blues

5. Animator

6. ?? “I used to have some money, but now my money’s gone…”

7. Chico

8. (raffle draw)

*First set (disc one) is quite click infested due to dropouts; second disc is great though.*


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