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70 Volt Parade Setlist


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saw this on another board

sound check consisted of Mr Completely ,

Night Speaks, Sand and several unfamiliar new songs ..

Trey is wearing a Marvin T shirt.

Set I

Night Speaks

Cincy (very heavy)


Love is Freedom (Accoustic)

Cayman Review(totally different, jazzier, slower)

Undone(?) lots of "wah wah" from Trey... 12-15 mins...

Drifting (HOT)

Mr Completely

Set II

Its Ice (Trey couldn't remember any of the lyrics, he got through the first part, but the second part he messed up the lyrics, and the only part he remembered, was the line that was "I'm the one who's in control"... and then it went into a paino-ey jam, not the normal ending.

accoustic song, title unknown

Push On Til the Day - 18 mins

New song: doesn't know what it was

I am the Walrus (Beatles)->

some kind of jam

E) 46 Days (Its was HOT!)

I was told that the keys are VERY hooked up with Trey. The TAB songs sound very different without the horns, a little heavier bc of it. His description of the sound is "DRIVEN" and its pretty much centered around Trey...

The prints were gone pretty quick. not litho. run of 200, signed by trey, JDK design...Small square black print with a phoenix in metallic paint

$50 each one per person.

check it

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Man the show looks pretty interesting for a first real gig... Im really liking the possibilities and cant wait for the torrents to go up... I will say I can't believe the crap being written on phantasytour about last night... Calling them a cover band... didnt Trey write this material? I think he has the right to play his OWN stuff.. complete nonsense over there...

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People are bashing for the sake of bashing!

Its not Treys fault that you decided to blow off all aspects of your life to follow a band around - its too bad that the ultimate hedonism trip has come to an end, but get over it! If was ever about the music(not just the party)) then there is lots of great music to come.

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