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POACHING BALD EAGLES - Unbelievable!!!


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VANCOUVER.CBC.CA News - Full Story :


[color:" orange"]Hundreds of eagles slaughtered annually

Last Updated: Apr 4 2005 09:29 AM PDT

VANCOUVER - As many as 500 bald eagles are being killed every year in southwestern B.C. by a poaching and smuggling ring, says TIME magazine.

Eagle carcass found in North Vancouver in


Dozens of mutilated eagle carcasses have been found in North Vancouver in the past couple of months.

[color:" blue"]LINK: FROM FEB. 3, 2005: Eagle slaughter called 'worst ever'

TIME says investigators have now identified the suspects, and are set to go public.

Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection spokesperson Tiffany Akins says there will be an announcement relating to the case Wednesday.

[color:" blue"]LINK: Hinterland Who's Who: The bald eagle

The maximum penalty for poaching or trafficking in eagle parts is $50,000 for a first offence under B.C. law.

Federal law sets fines of up to $150,000 and the possibility of a five-year prison sentence.

The provincial government, the District of North Vancouver, the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation and the Humane Society of Canada have put up rewards totalling $10,000.

Eagle parts, including talons, tail feathers and wingtips are big sellers on the black market, especially in the U.S.

Bald eagles are on Canada's protected species list. There are an estimated 20,000 of the birds in B.C.

[color:" blue"]LINK:INTERVIEW: The Early Edition's Rick Cluff speaks with TIME contributing reporter Deborah Jones.


Copyright © 2005 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - All Rights Reserved

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That's disgusting. Nothing people do suprizes me anymore though!

This is unrelated but its a feel good about the humans thing...which is needed at times.

Mabey you allready know about the organization called 'book crossings' :) and their motto of Freeing the books? On break at work so don't have time to explain....but check out the net for info....super neat, impressive thing going on there!

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yeah, bookcrossing is fun! (i'm rzeka on that forum) i've sent out nine books i think but none of them have been tracked on the site yet. oh well, it's still fun trying to be all stealthy when leaving them in public spaces and not looking like you're planting a bomb or something. i've got two books left unpacked to plant before i leave. i'm doing one tonight at my exam and one tomorrow on the plane.


oh yes, and if i see anyone poaching bald eagles out west i'm going to throw a book (the book!) at them. but first i'm going to register it at bookcrossing.com so my victim will know where the book has been. ;)

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That is Disgusting!! Makes me sick!!

Poachine is terrible, the penalties should be even more strict than they are, and they are already really harsh!!! I hunt,which alot of people dont agree with, but to each their own, most hunters are in fact very into wildlife conservation,The environment,etc!! Just the fact that some people kill for porfit or sport makes all hunters look bad!!! I hop ethey catch these jerks and make an example of em!

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i'm vegan and i totally respect people that hunt for food. that is an awesome way to feed yourself. i believe it is a way more efficient use of the planet's resources to eat hunted meat than farmed and packaged meat, as long as it is done in the spirit of conservation, meaning you are not hunting protected species and you are hunting in the allocated season. i've even been wondering lately if it would be more environmentally efficient to eat fish that i catch myself instead of farmed (unorganically), packaged and shipped tofu. all of the energy used in the production of the soybeans, the processing, packaging and marketing of the tofu must take a lot from the planet.

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Definetley! But you have to knwo even fish you catch on your own, it is only recommended to safely eat a certain ammount of fish you catch, only once or twice per week i think, because the environment is so Wrecked, they contain too much toxins,even in healthy fish, to safely consume al the time!To find out the exact ammounts thats can be caught and safely consumed i imagine you'd check with your local department of Natural resources

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