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Playlist - "Jamgrass" - 4/5/05


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Hey Everyone,

I'm hosting a radio show tomorrow called "Jamgrass" tomorrow at 4pm Newfoudland time on CHMR, the Memorial University radio station.

To listen, go to;

***** www.mun.ca/chmr *********

and then go to "listen"

In terms of times, 4pm in Nfld means it's on at;

Ontario - 2:30pm

Nova Scotia/New Brunswick - 3:30pm

Alberta - 12:30pm

BC - 11:30pm

Jamgrass is a show based, for the most part, on Bluegrass and "jamband" music. You'll hear who helped create these styles and how they're influencing one another today.

Obviously "jamband" is a very loose term but in the this case it will revolve around "jambands" who have their roots set in Rock 'N Roll/psychadelic rock

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Blair that rocks buddy .. hey do you have a dj name yet ..

lets figure one out ..

your avatar name could be a go , or maybe




and mabye just,

hippy b rad.

but real sweet blair, get some nice pic's of you given' er.

oh and one last thing can u start airing my phone number on the wave, i'm look'in ? :: please no mangy newfoundlanders though plus pictures are a bonus

take care blair and thanks :)

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Hey all,

Thanks to those of you who tuned in :: I had a blast doing it, and look forward to hosting Jamgrass every Tuesday at 4pm Nfld time!

Here's the play list for Tuesday;

1) God Loves His Children - Flatt & Scruggs (The Best of...)

2) All About You - Doc Watson & David Grisman (Doc & Dawg)

3) Uncle Pen - Bill Monroe (The Best of....)

4) Blue Moon of Kentucky - Sarah Harmer (Songs for Clem)

5) Deal With It - Ekoostik Hookah (3.6.04 - best live Hookah show I've EVER heard)

6) The Bench - Burt Neilson Band (Orange Shag Carpet)

7) Pony Boy - ABB (Brothers & Sisters)

8) Peggy-O - Grateful Dead (Dick's Picks 15)

Like I said, I had a blast hosting it. A couple of glitches - like opening the wrong CD player while Uncle Pen was playing.......OOPS :o

Cleve - Glad you were able to listen

Phunkyb - It's been a long time. Glad you listened, I know this is right up your (our) alley!

KevO - Thanks for tuning in. I met a couple peeps out here that know you! Paul and Marc (from the So-So's) and their significant others - Marina and Rosa

Kuipers - hope you had it pumped up enough

S2-Dog - thanks for the nice words......if I go with anything other than Blair, it would be Homie-Hippy B-rad for sure!!

KK - I'll try to tape it for you next time.

Mr Tonin - same goes for you...thanks for the kind words!

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Thanks for the playlist, Blair. Would you be able to, from now on maybe, when posting the playlist to post specifics. At least the date of the performance or if it was an album version? That would be handy and interesting.

That would be especially interesting for what you have planned for next week's show.

Yeah, the old open the wrong cd player eff up. I'm good for one of those every time I dj. :)

Keep up the good work. Sounds like a good time!

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KevO - Thanks for tuning in. I met a couple peeps out here that know you! Paul and Marc (from the So-So's) and their significant others - Marina and Rosa

no way! how did you meet 'em? paul, marina, mark & rosa are all wonderful people. if you see them around, tell em i say hello please!

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hey blair, congratulations on your radio show! i hope you figure out a way to tape it for bacon, i'd love to hear it. ::

i'd also like to make a request, mr. dj! i think a bit o'japanese cowboy can fit into the jamgrass theme! ;)

Hey PP, Thanks!!

Is "Japanese Cowboy" a Ween song?

KK - point well taken and I've added the album names in ()

KevO - I went to a house party they had and hit it off right away. YOu're right they are great people :: Marina is just getting ready to open a veggie restaurant here!

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