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Review - REVEREND HORTON HEAT Vancouver BC Ap 2 05


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The Reverend Horton Heat kicked my ass at a sold-out show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on Saturday night; but I’m getting ahead of myself…

This show was high-energy and high-quality from beginning to end.

The first opener was a band called I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch In the House. I missed them, but I was told they are a lot like the Black Crowes. When I walked into the bar the crowd was already in a frenzy, and the second opening band was just starting. (Although I can’t comment myself, at least one big, smiley biker went nuts for the rest of the evening yelling and ranting about how awesome they were.)

The second opener was a better-known band, called Supersuckers. These guys really won me over; despite myself. The only way I can describe it, in a nutshell, is to say that I felt like I was watching Hard Core Logo (except they’re not Canadian). They were a lot of fun. Their sound was well … generic ‘80s hardcore/punk; but great! The lead singer brought out a trophy that looked bigger than me, which he held up into the air to inform us: “We have been presented with this trophy for being the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world!” (I was a little surprised that an opening band could be the greatest in the world, but I can’t really argue; I mean he had the trophy and all.) They ended their set with the lead singer, who is also the bassist, walking over to each band member, and letting them wail away on his bass. Each band member bass-soloed like crazy! It was great when the two guitarists did it, but the grand finale was when he walked over to the drummer, held his bass in the air, and did the left-hand fingering while the drummer played on the strings with his drumstick. Awesome.

Now; The Reverend. Wow! I’ve seen him before, but he kicks my ass every time. He plays a style of music called “psychobilly”, which is a sound that originated with The Cramps. (I don’t think the term existed back then, though, and they were just called “punk rock” even though they weren’t.) The sound is rockabilly along with some surf guitar in the style of Dick Dale, plus some good dirty ol’ rock ‘n’ roll (but played with a certain evil intensity…). Crazy high energy show!

The band is a three-piece. The Reverend (Jim Heath) was dressed in his trademark red suit and usually playing a bright red guitar (although he switched up here and there). “Jimbo” Wallace, the bassist, played his giant double (acoustic) bass like a madman. Scott Churilla was fully intense on drums. The show was about two straight hours and the crowd boogied throughout. Everyone was wild and thrashing on the dance-floor; which was over-packed (and literally bounces up and down with the crowd as anyone who has been to the Commodore knows).

So, I have a partial set-list, but everything went a little crazy partway into the show, so this is about all I can tell you…

1. Big Sky

2. Baddest of the Bad

3. fu©ked Up Ford

4. I Can’t Surf

5. Wiggle Stick

6. (Three or Four Songs from His New Album “Revival”)

7. “

8. “

9. “

10. Heroin Stole My Indigo Friends

11. (A Couple More from “Revival”)

12. …

… and then I can only give you random songs, in no particular order:

o Martini Time

o The Jimbo Song (tribute to the bassist, and everyone in the audience punches the air yelling “J – I – M-B-O! J – I – M-B-O!”)

o Loco Gringos Like A Party … Ole! (awesome cover song by some band I don’t remember)

o Bales of Cocaine

o Bath-Water Blues


o Liquor, Beer, and Wine

o (one or two more)

(probably more I forgot)

Do what you can to see this band live! (Oh, and get out on that dance floor; if you

have the guts…)

Quote of the Day: You know man, you guys really have to disassociate yourselves from us; I mean you’re professionals and we’re, y’know … criminals!

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i knew i liked you stone mtn.

check out john's band maybe for one of his BC shows this month - he's not the rev, but he's fun.


Vancouver, BC The Brickyard w/ the Hitchers (UK) & Ultra Vixens 315 Carrall St. Sat Apr 09

Kamloops, BC LAST CLASS BASH - Cariboo College - 2 PM Hero's Pub Fri Apr 15

Revelstoke, BC The Regent Inn - River City Pub 112 East First St. Fri Apr 15

Nelson, BC The Royal Hotel 330 Baker St. Sat Apr 16

Golden, BC The Roadhouse You'll find it . . . Sun Apr 17

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yes psychobilly - check out the website for a couple of song downloads. If he has the Voodoo Dollz with him there will be burlesque as well. Reverend Horton Heat is a big influence as well as others like the Cramps i suppose.

They're playing Ontario first weeks of May

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rev. horton heat kicks ass. they are so much fun. i am still pissed at myself for missing the starlight show last year (small venue, on home turf & everything!).

i also heart the cramps very, very much. i hear they are fantastic live and their shows are a very wild experience (full of costumes & everything). the cramps are shortlisted for "drop everything and go to this concert if they are coming anywhere close" for me.

i even like the word psychobilly!


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