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Widespread Panic Weekend


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Well, a very interesting weekend is in the books, and I wanted to share a little bit of the experience.

Friday April 1st:

We got to the hotel in Detroit in the afternoon. As SP is a Marriott Rewards member, they upgraded us to a HUGE room. I'm talking about 900 square feet! It was awesome. I noticed that there weren't any ashtrays in the room, so I called the front desk. The kind lady said, "you know, I was there earlier and I smelled some smoke, so go ahead and smoke in that room!"

We took the Detroit People Mover (a monorail) to the show and got in line about 6:30PM. We were surprised to walk in and waltz right up to the stage, where we met some kind people from the area. We watched about 3/4 of the first set right at the stage, before the crowed of people became a little too much. It was a really good show, and I was impressed (my first time seeing them). At the show we met Schwa, Chewie, MuleMomma and others, and then got together again at the Smokestack aftershow.

We arrived at the Smokestack aftershow during setbreak. As the band was getting ready to start the second set, I asked the keyboards guy if they would be willing to play Cripple Creek for the Canadians in the house. We chatted for a bit and he said they love Toronto, and was pretty sure they would be at CTMF for the Canada Day weekend! Then they started their set, talked about how much they love Canada, and dedicated Cripple Creek to the Canadians in the house. Good times.

Saturday April 2nd"

We woke up and headed straight to Cleveland, where once again we got a pimp room. Kitchen, fireplace, living room and all. We had some food and walked over to the show in a huge blizzard. This is April right? This time we meet another 6 Canadians from the Niagara area, and enjoyed another really good show. A nice "Are you ready for the country?" Neil Young cover to boot!

We walked back to the hotel after the show, and to our amazement, the weather was even worse.

Sunday April 3rd:

We headed to our friends' place (kimmy on this board) about 45 minutes north of Cleveland and the way home. Had a nice visit with some friends we haven't seen in some time, then at about 3:00pm left for Erie PA to do some shopping. On the way the weather got worse and worse, and by the time we got to Erie we were glad to have the break. After some quick shopping, we headed back to the Interstate. At this point about 2 feet of snow had fallen in the area, and we soon found out that the Interstate was CLOSED. We tried to get a room at a Marriott near the highway, but they were completely sold out, as were all hotels in that area. We were sent to a Ramada in downtown Erie, but it was sold out too. We then stumbled across a motel another 5 minutes away, and luckily got one of the last 3 rooms in all of Erie, as while I was filling out the registration card they sold out as well. We watched the news only to find out that people on the Interstate were stuck there, and in the morning we found out that some were stuck for 12-15 hours with no water or food.

Monday April 4th:

Up at 5:30am, hoping the Interstate is open and that we can get home in time for work - no luck. The Interstate is still closed, so back to sleep. Up again at 9:30am - the Interstate is now open but traffic is built up. We make our way to Toronto and 5.5 hours later arrive.


What a weekend, went from really good to really crazy but in the end, we made it home intact so all is good I guess. It was great to meet some skanks that I have never met before, and great to see Widespread Panic rock it out. I highly suggest you get the 4/2/05 Cleveland show to check out. Unfortunately I did not take a camera. :(

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We headed to our friends' place (kimmy on this board) about 45 minutes north of Cleveland and the way home.

45 Minutes north of Cleveland? Yikes, that's a watery, watery place ;)

Anyhow, glad to hear you guys had a good time... I am upset that I actually forgot about the whole deal... I would have liked to come down and see some of you guys even though I couldn't go to the show? Where'd you saty in Cleveland? Holiday Inn downtown? That place is AWESOME!


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Both night's setlists were stellar!

Not sure if the setlists were posted here on another thread but here they are....Cleveland looks to be my fave but the Detroit show was a better time...more energy and all that stuff. Second set Cleveland blew my mind though.

04/02/05 Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

Set I: Surprise Valley> C. Brown, Can't Get High, This Part Of Town, Sometimes, Christmas Katie> Monstrosity, Radio Child, Weight Of The World

Set II: Are You Ready For The Country?, Cows Come Home, Old Neighborhood> Rebirtha> Driving Song> Stop Breakin' Down Blues> Pilgrims> Driving Song, Good People, Action Man

Encore: Blue Indian, Flat Foot Flewzy

04/01/05 State Theater, Detroit, MI

Set I: Travelin' Light, All Time Low> Little Lilly> Rock, Wondering> Junior, Mercy1> Thin Air (Smells like Mississippi)> Henry Parsons Died

Set II: Give> Hatfield> Pusherman> Let Her Cry2> Greta> Drums3> Papa Legba, Imitation Leather Shoes, Ain't Life Grand

Encore: May Your Glass Be Filled> Tall Boy

1 'The Other One' jam after 'Mercy'

2 Only 'Let Her Cry';

3 Everyone remained on-stage during 'Drums';

....and i still love meeting Skanks i've never met before. Basher, meeting you was like i already knew ya. SPh and Mulemama, equally awesome to run into yous as well!

Here's to the next one! Cheers!

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Sorry I spaced on the whole weekend. I totally forgot about it. Wish I would have remembered, or someone would have reminded me... Would have been nice to hang out even if not go to the shows... Alas, would have been to cold.snowy/sh!tty for me to have an outside party... Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for seeing ya'll in May.


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I thought the detroit show was crazy! Too bad we didn't meet up Jeffrey. By the time set brake came I was full on spaced, rambling on about nothing and in no shape to venture out on my own to find you guys. We were on the first tier back from the floor right on the rail, schools side. What a night! my ears are still ringing! are you up for BNB on the 15th in London??? I think I'll be heading down if T.C. is up for having me.

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A nice "Are you ready for the country?" Neil Young cover to boot!

I was pumped when they started playing that song. But that soon turned to utter disappointment when the words to both verses were forgotten. It was nice hearing the chourus 3 times though.

That being said, the whole weekend was a blast. Had a great time hanging with Schwa, Chewie and Momack. Wishing I didn't have a job so I could have kept going.

Basher, you should have taken the long way home back through Detroit. We had to go that way to drop off some riders and it was smooth sailing the whole way home.

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