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Attention: Pablo Sanchez


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Hey Dave,

A friend of mine at Dalhousie has a paper to write for his History and Technique of Guitar course. He is to choose a guitar player and write 2000 words with the following breakdown:

Biography (20%)

Musical Style (30%)

Guitar description as well as other equipment (Amplifiers, effects pedals, strings, etc.) (30%)

Your personal feelings about the guitarist (20%)

He's a huge nero fan and, coupled with the fact that he wanted to choose somebody that nobody else would choose, he is writing his paper on, well, you. I told him that I've seen you post here before; I was wondering, if you have a chance, if you could give some insight into some of the intricacies of your gear, how you feel your playing style developed, and who some of your influences are. I think he's got a pretty solid base to write the paper, but of course input from the subject would benefit greatly.

Thanks in advance man.

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