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DEATH-COUNTRY :: FREE SHOW :: Casbah, Hamilton


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Wednesday April 13


No Cover, Donations Appreciated


Wee Werk Artist



Elliott Brood call their music Death Country – dark, gritty folk music built around whiskey-drenched vocals and lyrics evoking images of love, loss and murder. In their soul-thumping bluegrass songs, banjo keeps time to a strange and chunky angular stomp, with vicious Kentucky-hardcore acoustic guitar and somber, achingly confessional vocal harmonies.

The Toronto-based trio's six-song debut EP Tin Type is housed in a hand-bound album wrapped in a brown paper bag. Order it now from weewerk if you're a fan of The Handsome Family, Johnny Dowd or The FemBots.

The Players

Casey Laforet – guitar, words, keys

Mark Sasso – banjo, guitar, words

Stephen Pitkin – suitcases and other percussion





Kelp Records Artist



The Acorn is the musical project of Rolf Klausener. Part electro-noodles, part road-trip soundtrack, part agrarian balladry. The Acorn's first release, A Klausener Xmas, was under the 'Drei Eichel Musik' (german for Three Acorn Music) guise.

Since playing some notable shows with a computer as bandmate, The Acorn has morphed into a full-band concern, featuring The Soft Disaster's Jeff Debutte on Bass & Keys, visual artist Howie Tsui on guitar and noodles, and the infamous T. Jeffrey Malecki on drums.

The Acorn's newest release, THE PINK GHOSTS, is a lush and joyful homage to the Outaouais region and it's denizens. Guests include Recoilers/Fiftymen's Jacob Bryce, Two Minute Miracles' John Higney, and the notorious acorn band.




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Does anyone besides the promoter have anything to say about Elliott Brood? I noticed he's playing Ottawa and I'm a llittle intrigued by the whole "death country" description... I've really gotten into Hank Williams III lately, and his "death metal" band (Assjack) has some pretty interesting moments... Is it anything like that? I'm really considering checking out Elliott Brood... (No offense meant here Whitey, but it's your job to say they're good... Another opinion would be nice is all...)

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Hey Del,

The Burt boys met these guys when the played together at the Dawson City Music Festival. I hear they are great. They played a show w/ them recently in Guelph @ the Trash but I missed their set b/c Pete Elkas was playing in the same time slot at the bar at Jimmy Jazz and I was checking that out instead.

Their website has a great review section. Click here to read some thoughts on their last album. Eye, Now, etc. magazines give it rave reviews.

I'm looking forward to seeing them when they play w. Burt at a few upcoming shows this month in SE Ont.

Not that it means anything musically, but I've partied w/ Casey from this band a few times and he's a stand up guy.

I'd say go check it out - - or check out more on the site, there's some streaming audio available and what I hear, I like.

Their recent CMW gig was also very well received. There's a report card review at this link right here.

Hope that helps!



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